Sunday, July 6, 2014

Après moi, le deluge

It's that time of year again - price increase time! The early bird rate for my event expires Tuesday night. Which means about half the people try to cram in in the last couple of days. It's a heady time. And begins the only two months of the year that I actually have some money in the bank, often prompting calls from bank managers asking how they can "help" me. As soon as I tell them all of the money will be gone by mid-September they get off the phone mighty quick.

Today I took B to the Baby Kennel and spent the day doing mountains of paperwork. I'm pleased to say it is now done, and it's looking good. I might just have a record breaking year this year. How exciting! I still probably won't have much money at the end of it, but hey - my hospital bill is paid, the sewer disaster is behind me; I see brighter days ahead, financially.

One thing I may do is put B back on Kaiser. It occurred to me recently that this winter while we all suffer various plagues again, it's going to be pretty disastrous to have to take the kids to two separate urgent care centers - I mean, picture them both with high fevers and me terrified; which one do I treat first? It just seems dumb to have them registered with two separate HMOs when the only difference is about $80 a month. So I'm pretty sure once my event is over I'm going to pull out of Health Net and get back on the Kaiser system for all of us.

So this begins the deluge for me personally and professionally - my sister arrives Tuesday for a week stay, then two days later we leave for Hawaii for a week, then once I get home my event is (gulp) a month away. Sooo much to do still. But it's ok. I've run this event sixteen times. If I don't have it somewhat smoothly running by now then maybe I need a career change!


  1. Good luck with the price increase! Hope it goes smoothly.

    What part of Hawaii are you going to? I am taking Elena in February to Honolulu & am not sure where to stay, if you have any advice, please email...after your event of course! You have enought on your plate now!

    1. We're going to Kauai. Don't know Honolulu that well but I have had really good experiences with Marriott resorts (or maybe I just like them because I get to stay there for free :) )

  2. You sound so much more optimistic and serene than last year! Fingers crossed for record-breaking! You certainly deserve it. What a relief to feel like you could get some financial breathing room.