Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kid Hacks

Yesterday I used B's new health insurance for the first time for his long overdue two year well baby appointment.  It wasn't so bad. The clinic was pretty ghetto, but I guess you get what you pay for, huh? It could have been worse. It wasn't busy, and the staff and nurses were very nice. B freaked out at first when they wanted to weigh and measure him...but thankfully when the doctor came in to do the more intense exam and Theo was having a meltdown, B calmed down and was a big brave boy. Unfortunately I was so frazzled juggling two upset kids and trying to fill out a mountain of paperwork that I kind of snapped when the doctor asked how many ounces of milk B drinks every day - in my head I thought, "how the fuck should I know?" - but I just let out a bitchy sigh and said, "oh, I don't know!" The whole thing was over so fast that I didn't get to ask the doctor two things I had questions about - B's constantly running nose, and his gross cradle cap. Everyone said I need to start potty training. Sigh! I don't know if I'll ever be at the pay scale to have an awesome dedicated pediatrician I can call and ask every little thing who really knows the kids. Let's just hope they stay healthy!

Work continues on making the back yard a useable space. Handyman put a gate on the stairs leading up to the pool which makes things slightly less treacherous out there. I would never leave a kid unattended out there for even a second, but at least I can blink now. We spent the afternoon out there. I love that B can actually play now - he got in his kiddie pool, in the sand box, threw balls around, played on his tricycle. Two is shaping up to be much better than one in so many ways. If we can spend the summer with minimal visits to over crowded play spaces and playgrounds, that would make me very happy.

I found a solution to the car screaming issue. Theo's constant wailing doesn't bother me so much - I just tune it out - but recently B has started randomly screeching in protest whenever the baby starts crying, and it's awful. I have a terrible reaction to loud, sudden noises, and this is just that - ear-splitting, irritating, and puts me on edge all day. Today I finally busted out the earplugs I keep on me at all times, and all of a sudden I felt so happy and relaxed! I can still hear everything, but that screeching no longer cuts through my brain like a rusty razor blade. Until Theo stops his car screaming and B stops screeching in protest, this is going to be my new thing. Done and done!

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