Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today was the first time I took Bumpus to the Baby Kennel with no concrete plans for my day - no brunches with friends, no movies. Not for lack of trying. It was all good - I resolved to drop a package at the UPS store (return of a stupid booster seat for B that didn't work with my table at all), mail many packages of fliers of my event for people to distribute for me, hit the Old Navy spring dress sale (bit of a bust as none of them were breast feeding-friendly - dammit), get groceries with only one child in tow, and sit in the hot tub. Of course the one thing I didn't get to do is sit in the hot tub, which I have not done in ages. I have no idea if it even still works. It's typical that the one relaxing, enjoyable thing didn't get done because I just plain ran out of time. Such is the life of a mother, huh?

B is still not fond of the Kennel experience now that he's transitioned to the preschool age group and is always shall we say "difficult" after I pick him up. I'm not sure how long he'll be like this - I hate to think that he hates it, when I'm doing this for his enjoyment - but I have been assured he has a great time when I leave, and I'm sure this is true. Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

I have started letting B hold T as long as I'm there to keep T's head from flopping around. It's an odd phenomenon, B's attitude towards T. When I let him hold the baby he gets very possessive and throws a massive fit when I try to take him away. I think in his little toddler brain, the baby is like a special new toy. This morning I kept the baby wrapped up on my chest because I just couldn't handle the tug of war. Although B has been shoving his little cat stuffed animal down his shirt and pajamas lately and I realized he does this because it's his version of baby wearing, which is beyond adorable. He is a very gentle, nurturing boy, and I love this about him, and I hope he stays that way. 

Now that Easter is upon us, I kind of feel like I dropped the ball. I wish I had organized an egg hunt and made cute little Easter basket cupcakes. I love that stuff, but there was just no occasion for it. The sad reality is all my friends with small children are spending the holiday weekend with family - and I have none nearby, so here we are. Oh well; this falls under the category of "this will be fun when the kids are older". I am taking B to a big public egg hunt tomorrow which may be a big mistake, but hey, it's something to do. I find myself saying this phrase a lot lately. 

Theo is becoming less alien-like as his six week birthday approaches. He is alert more, looks around more, and I can't wait for that first smile! I feel like if this is the difficult part before the fun of a smiley interactive baby, I've gotten off easy! He's such a good baby and such a joy to have around, for both of us. I think I can safely say adding a sibling to this family was the Best.Decision.Ever.


  1. So sweet to see them together, B seems so peaceful around him. Is that a dimple I see on T in the first photo?! They are starting to look more alike.

  2. Just look at those two beautiful boys of yours!! I'm glad the second baby was a good decision for you. I hope to follow in your footsteps eventually!

  3. Love the photos of them together

  4. Great photos! I can definitely see the resemblance -- same forehead. So great to hear that you think adding a sibling was definitely the right thing to do!