Friday, March 7, 2014

Still in there

Had my NST and midwife appointment yesterday; +1 protein in the urine again but nobody seemed to care, and the kind NST nurse took my blood pressure when I was lying down, so it was low. She said we "cheated a bit" but I'm ok with it since it bought me more time! The midwife office was all disorganized and frantic so I only met with her for a few minutes and then left - I of course told her about how sick I've been but she had nothing to say about it other than "did you eat anything weird?" I'm amazed that none of these health care professionals seem hipped to the fact that nausea and diarrhea are so common at this point in pregnancy - my WTE app is full of women complaining of the same thing.

At any rate, I crab walked out of there (my sister had B at the park - what a relief to not drag a toddler to an NST for once!) to find by the time I got home that nearly all of my symptoms had disappeared - and as of now I feel completely normal. What the-? I hope this keeps up; if I could just start eating normally again and getting back to my routines I'd feel a lot more prepared for labor than I do even now.

Today we're going to attempt a trip to Third Trimester Park and the grocery store. It's amazing the sheer volume of food two adults and one child can blow through in a few days. 

Speaking of two adults, can I just say how bizarre it is to have actual help with this child? Now I realize most married women don't even have a full time child care taker in the house 24/7 like I do right now - but oh my god. To actually not be "on" every second of your life - to be able to leave a glass of water on the edge of a table - to be able to shower without someone screaming and pounding on the door - to not have to change every diaper - wow. It's my first glimpse of not having to be mom 24 hours a day, and it's awesome. Unfortunately this will all come to a crashing halt soon when not only will I be back to being 24 hour sole parent but be recovering from birth and have a newborn. up now, huh?

Our big concern at the moment is now that my sickness crisis is over, the baby still not being born for ages and my sister having to leave. It would be so great if he came in the next few days - but let's face it; I could still have two more weeks of this. I'll tell you one thing, though - I won't let it go past 41 weeks. I'll try any and all methods of induction first - membrane sweep, whip out the breast pump, walk like a mo-fo - and then happily consent to an actual induction at that point. I mean, really - enough is enough, you know? That's my plan, anyway. And we all know how well plans around babies being born work out, don't we?


  1. Thought for sure the next post would be "He's here!" It won't be too much longer. Glad you're feeling better and that your sister's there to help. Hope you get some rest before the big event.

  2. What a cool photo of your bump!

    And I guess it's good that you are feeling more okay with the idea of Pitocin, if you make it to 41 weeks.

    My sister stayed with me for a couple of weeks and then had to leave before I got induced. It was really, really hard for me. Though I relaxed so much when she left -- I missed the deadline, as it were, so there was no more reason to stress. I hope it won't stress you as much as it did me.

    It's so hard when you know you have help now but not later... but you are trying every trick in the book to no effect.

    Let me know if you want my castor oil recipe! It's actually on my blog, too. I couldn't taste the castor oil at all.

    SO GLAD you are feeling so much better! Hooray!

  3. Maybe your body is giving you a brief amount of time to gather strength for labor? Kind of like the "calm before the storm" or in this case the calm before the labor. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping all continues to go well---Yay! you are in the home stretch! Be well!

  5. So glad you're getting some help, even if it won't last long. Enjoy it. And I'm SO glad you're feeling better!!