Monday, March 17, 2014

Quick NICU update

Another good night in NICU. Went in this morning and this time remembered my nipple shields and after a little screaming and frustration got Theo to feed very well. What a frigging relief! I was almost going to arrange to have my old LC over as soon as he was home - I was very paranoid about getting a not-yet-breast feeding baby home, not being able to feed him, not having any supplies for alternate feeding, and freaking out. But now I know we'll be fine. The LC at the hospital was all weird about the nipple shield, saying I should really avoid using them if I can. What is wrong with people? These things are little silicon miracles, if you ask me.

So assuming T does well the next 24 hours - no more weird green puke - he will be home this time tomorrow. They said I could take him today but wouldn't advise it - and I'm with them; let's see how he processes this new breast milk first before I have to pile the three of us in the car at 3 AM and get us to an emergency room. Let's try to avoid that scenario, shall we?

So my boobs are huge and hard and angry. Pumping doesn't do much to relieve it - I'm assuming this will settle down once baby is here and I can feed him regularly. I was all happy to be able to pick up and hug B without my big belly in the way...but now my boobs are in the way, and hurt. Sigh.

I am positively giddy at the prospect of picking out a cute little going home outfit for T and walking him out of there, no more cords and tubes and surgical tape. Let's hold the good thought that he continues to thrive.


  1. He is just gorgeous. Here's to him coming home tomorrow, all well. Great news about the breast feeding too. I wish I had been able to do it. Take care all three. Katie

  2. Just catching up on your last few posts. I'm so sorry Theo has been in the NICU. I hope they're able to come up with some answers for you. Or at least give him a very clean bill of health and send him home to his family! Hang in there; I can't speak from experience but I know that having a baby in the NICU is hard. He's adorable, by the way!

  3. I am holding that good thought for you, and many more! Have been traveling and missed all posts since T's birth, so congratulations on avoiding the emergency c-section or induction (I had both), I'm so sorry about T's stay in the NICU, and best of luck in getting that beautiful boy home safe and sound.

  4. Just catching up, too. Congratulations and welcome little T! He's so handsome, and really resembles B.

    So glad he's doing well, and hope he's home tomorrow!

  5. Ooh! So cute. I hope things continue to go well. (and your mention of sore, angry boobs and no relief with pumping brings back horrid memories!!)

  6. Was the screaming & frustration you or T ;) ...seriously tho, I'm glad you got him feeding well. He's a precious little man, isn't he!! Hoping the night went well & the three of you get to finally settle into being a family.