Wednesday, March 5, 2014

39 weeks (kind of)

According to Kaiser I am 39 weeks today. According to my WTE app I am 39 weeks tomorrow, and according to me, I am 39 weeks Friday. But hey, maybe Kaiser knows something I don't.

This was the day I was induced last time. So as of now I have no experience with pregnancy past this point. And certainly no experience with pregnancy like this - the nausea drags on (although I do believe the meds are helping a little), but now I have progressed to explosive diarrhea. Everyone says this is a sign of impending labor, but googling tells me for some women this lasts 24 hours, for others it can drag on for weeks. 

Last night I felt a few twinges and had a little hope, but naturally it was nothing. I have to say, though, the thought of going into labor right now does not thrill me, only because I am so sick and weak. I can't imagine having the strength to cope with birthing a baby after days of this crap, having barely eaten anything and being no doubt dehydrated. If this is all nature's way of "preparing you for labor" that's a pretty fucked up way of doing it, if you ask me! What about that pre-labor burst of energy you hear about? What about all my dance friends who were out dancing the night before they gave birth? Yup. That's not me. Not one bit. I am lying stinking in bed with un-brushed teeth and a churning stomach watching Ghostbusters. Somehow...not how I pictured 39 weeks looking-!

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. I will ask about options - membrane sweep? Acupuncture? Massage? See what we can do to jump start this puppy now that I feel within the safe zone for delivery. Man oh man is it going to feel good to feel good again! I'll take all the squalling infants, jealous older siblings and sore nipples in the world over this crapola.


  1. Hoping you feel better soon and have a chance to recover your strength before you go into labor!

    Either way, you are in the home stretch!

    And if you don't feel better before labor starts, maybe they can at least hook you up with some nice sugar water IV to give you a little boost?

  2. Oh yuck, I'm so sorry you're still feeling this badly. I really wonder if you could have a bug, although I guess maybe it wouldn't last this long. I'm concerned about you being dehydrated; try to at least sip water. I've heard even one sip every five minutes can do a lot of good. Think you could stomach gatorade?? Or saltine crackers? Banana? The usual stuff... Just ideas to try to help... Hang in there, and you just know this will all be over soon!

    Oh, and I like Abby's suggestion of IV fluids, either now or when you're in labor! I bet that'll help a lot.

  3. Ugh not the way you want to feel before going into labour for sure. Hope you get some relief & feel better

  4. How are you feeling?

    Oh, and I wanted to recommend coconut water. It's supposed to be very good at rehydrating when you are dehydrated. I think I had some when I was in labor. I also used to drink it after long runs.