Sunday, January 5, 2014


So today I subjected myself to the 3 hour glucose test. I had a lot of fear about it - especially last night. As usual I obsessed on unimportant shit - worry about getting B to the BK on time, worry about feeling sick without eating breakfast, worry about finding the building, worry about parking, worry about being allowed to take the test at all (what if they didn't have my paperwork? What if the whole ACA thing screwed up my records and I no longer have coverage? What if I showed up too late - the lab closed at 2?). But it all worked out. I did cut it very close for time - the final blood draw happened five minutes before they closed. But they did have my records, I do still appear to have coverage, and I did do the entire test, all four blood draws, and didn't walk around or drink any water. I didn't throw up or pass out. In fact, despite not eating for 14 hours, I felt totally fine. And was easily occupied by my phone, Kindle, the book Lean In, and magazine (Harper's), for all that time. I guess I have a higher tolerance for boredom than I thought!

Got my results just now and I appear to have passed all four - although you can see the two hour I barely passed. One thing I don't get, though - why is the one hour cut off for the one hour test 130 whereas the one hour cut off for the three hour test 179? I mean, if they gave that number instead both times I took the one hour I would have passed! Is the drink different? 

Anyway, I'm hugely relieved, and glad I did it. Mainly so I have one less thing to make me "high risk" and make me feel like although I feel just fine I am in fact very unhealthy. I always was annoyed by feeling perfectly normal yet having all these "conditions" - pre-e, GD. But I guess people can have cancer and not know there you go.

So I intend to continue to eat well despite the good news - still loading up on the protein, still watching my weight (I have gained 25 lbs and have nine weeks to go). But I won't lie - I may have a celebratory Krispy Kreme tomorrow. 


  1. Yeah you!!! So glad you have one less thing to worry about!!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a relief!

  3. Great news!

    Also, I'm so glad you didn't have trouble getting sick, etc.

    Since I've been pregnant I've noticed that sweets make me feel ill... and I've never been able to tolerate sweets without eating protein together with it. I'm concerned that when my turn comes that I'll be unable to tolerate the empty stomach + glucose. But, at 18 weeks I still haven't gained any weight (unless you count the 40lbs I gained ttc-ing) so I'm optimistic that GD isn't my issue.

  4. Yay! So glad there's one less thing to worry about.

  5. So glad you passed! Now you can stop at least some of the worrying. :)