Thursday, January 30, 2014

34 weeks

So after all that worry about how to keep B from coming into my room in the middle of the night, I took a chance and just left his door closed. I figured if he got really distressed it would take me about two seconds to get to him, so why not try it rather than letting him crawl into bed with me, only to lug him back into his room? 

So I left the door closed. Guess what? Right on schedule I heard the pitter patter of little feet at 2:30 AM, then heard him stop at his closed door. He cried for maybe three seconds, then I heard his little feet patter back to his bed. And...that was it! And even better - the next morning he didn't get up until almost eight! Woo!

So this counts as the next on the list of things I freaked out about that turned out to be not a big deal. I have left his door closed all night the last couple of nights, and it's been just fine. In the morning he just cries for half a second and I come get him and that's it. I probably should have just left his door shut all along. 

So in honor of making it to 34 weeks, I would like to comment on things I am looking forward to saying goodbye to once I am not pregnant anymore:

Totally annoying insomnia.

Feeling the absolutely desperate need to pee almost all of the time, but then you do and you pee maybe a teaspoon worth. Good times.

Horrid, acid-y heartburn. I'm tempted to say it's not as bad as last time - but maybe I'm just tougher!

Pants constantly falling down, pulling my underwear and shirt with them.

Bad vision! I am so farsighted at the moment, as I was last time, too. Hopefully this will return to normal.

Never being able to find a comfortable position, whether it be standing, trying to sleep, sitting, driving, etc. It all sucks.

Being short of breath all of the time. There's a suffocating feeling that's very unpleasant. Put that together with constant congestion and I spend most of the day (and especially night) feeling like I can't breathe.

Not being able to wear anything cute - I rotate the same frumpy mom shirts and couple of pairs of pants and sensible shoes every week. But that's more being a mother of small children than being pregnant. Do I really want Bumpus' grubby little banana-y fingers on my Anthropologie white linen blazer? Not so much. Those things are just going to have to stay on the shelf for a while!

So those are my physical complaints, which as you can see are really not a big deal. I definitely feel better over all than at this point last time. Six weeks to go and I still feel pretty good, all things considered. I can't even imagine what 40 weeks will feel like...!

For now the tentative plan is to have my sister come out on my due date (3/14) if I still haven't popped. This way childcare will be covered; then I just have to get to the hospital, which at this point I am considering just cabbing it, especially if it's the middle of the night. There's just no one I feel comfortable calling at 3 AM. But we'll see how I feel as I get closer.

My intrepid babysitter is down for watching B for as many days as it takes if I go early - but that plan has issues. She's three hours away, and what if right when I need her she's about to start a job for someone else? She said she'd keep a light schedule around my due date, but I definitely need to be prepared with lots of backups for looking after B, just in case I don't make it to my due date. 

So the plan is a) make it to due date, b) continue to be healthy and not have to schedule something, and c) need to get to the hospital in the middle of the day rather than the middle of the night.

I know these things are a tall order, but just putting it out there!


  1. I feel you pain about insomnia... mine lasted my entire pregnancy. I can't imagine worrying about a toddler while being in labor. I worried about who would take care of my dog and that stressed me out. Haha! I drove myself to the hospital five hours after my water broke. Everything will all work out. It always does.

  2. You truly are in the home stretch! :)

  3. Whoo hoo on the sleeping thing! I am not going to run the risk of jinxing the sleeping at my house right now. It's the only thing that is allowing me to survive at this point.

    And hooray for 34 weeks. I remember the desperate and constant urge to pee. It woke me up even. I hated that. And the horrid heart burn..

    I can't be much help with child care of B with the kiddos and being so "far" away. But if there is something I can do, let me know (or if B needs a place to go for a few hours, my door is open).

  4. That's awesome that closing the door not only helped him go back to sleep, but also helped him sleep later. Hopefully that will help you get a little more rest, I remember the pregnancy insomnia all too well.

    How are you already 34 weeks? It seems like some blogger's pregnancy creep by so slowly, and yours is going very quickly (from my viewpoint, probably not yours). I hope the next 6 weeks continue to go smoothly!

  5. I had good luck with papaya enzyme tablets from the health food store for heartburn -- worked much better than Tums. I didn't believe it until my midwife pushed them, then was impressed with the results.

    34 weeks -- yay! had the pre-eclampsia already started by this point last time? are you feeling optimistic about that stuff?