Thursday, January 23, 2014

33 weeks

I should make this post all about vomiting, but for all of your sakes I won't. Suffice it to say, I was sick Saturday night, took Sunday to recover, but then still felt really lousy and run down Monday and Tuesday. I was beginning to worry maybe pre-e had reared its head again, or I was having some other pregnancy complication as yet undiagnosed; until I spent all night Tuesday night throwing up again. Good times! So I either just hadn't really rid myself of the stomach bug, or caught it a second time, or caught a different one, or was just run down. Who knows? Fortunately B has not been sick again (knock wood!) and after taking the day to just lie in bed all day yesterday (it wasn't easy, but we pulled it off), I actually feel normal today for the first time in about a week. Or, normal for being eight months pregnant, anyway!

I have my midwife appointment later today, and fingers crossed all still looks good. I'm now 33 weeks, the point at which a lot of my pre-term friends started delivering. I'm pleased I've made it this far - but am also exasperated that even at 38 weeks this baby could be not fully developed, could still have respiratory issues, etc. It's still a long slog before it's really safe to have this baby. But still, I'm delighted by the following: with only seven weeks left, other than this stupid stomach flu, I am still able to operate at full capacity, which is more than I'd expected at this point; still no signs of pre-e (yay); I got my medical card so I think it's safe to say I may just not have a bankruptcy-inducing birth this time thanks to the ACA; and my weight will probably remain manageable at this point (I am up about 26 lbs, and can put on 7 more probably, but at least I'm not looking at huge gains from now on). 

The biggest things on my mind right now other than all of us staying healthy are getting my event launched Feb 1, my shower coming up this Sunday, and preparing for taxes at the end of Feb. I am cutting it so close with the money this year, it's a little frightening - I am having to put off all my debt payments until after Feb 1 (not a problem since they're not due until then, but I'm one of those people who prefers to pay bills the minute I get them), and am not even sure I'll have enough in the bank to pay my mortgage. I am counting on a big opening night like last year, but experience has taught me that results can be all over the place - one year I got one person signing up on opening night! This year unfortunately a couple of other events have decided to make their opening night the same as mine (or the night before, etc), so that may affect me negatively. I also haven't been able to announce my instructors because they've been giving me an unprecedented runaround, which makes the event look unprepared. But man, I need to make a lot of money, and fast. It's going to be a real nail biter this time.

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  1. I can't believe it's time for your event launch already! Hope it goes well for you.