Saturday, January 18, 2014

32 weeks

I am officially eight months pregnant...even though I technically have two months left to go. I'm pleased to announce that unlike earlier in the pregnancy, I have almost zero fear about the birth; it's so inevitable now that there's no point in being scared of it. It's better to just get geared up and prepared. I also do really believe now that this one will be different/aka better. And even if it's not - I never have to do it again! So there's that.

I've stayed off all week because I kind of wanted to see how my "Wake Training" would go before giving a full report - but it's kind of been all over the place. I did the hallway thing for two days, and it went ok - minimal crying, and at least I didn't start our long day together angry and flustered. But then late one night as I lay in bed I heard B wake up and start throwing up; considering how many people I know who are making their way through their second stomach flu of the season, I braced myself for a long night. Thankfully it was a one time thing, but I let him in my room to cuddle the next morning, and have ever since, and it's been ok. No hitting or throwing of things. Instead he now comes in and dumps his stuffed animals all over my bed and crawls in next to me to cuddle. Has he somehow figured out this is a better way to get mom's attention in the morning that smacking her in the head with a remote? Is this just a fluke? Who the hell knows. But I'll take it. 

I have been making more of an effort to be "present". Even though I'm with him 24/7, I figured it wouldn't hurt to play with him a little more, sit him on my lap facing me and sing a little more, etc. It's hard to remember these little beings really need us, especially when they only seem to want to run away from us all the time, and my main objective in life is to encourage him to be independent of me. Well, if it stopped the hitting, great. Whatever it takes, really. Because I couldn't take one more minute of that BS.

I broke down and put him on the waiting list for the preschool that is part of the baby kennel. I don't know why I didn't do this before; I guess I didn't realize they would have a waiting list. As it is I'll be lucky to get him in by summer - but I thought it couldn't hurt just to have his name down. It's not expensive but it's not cheap. I could never afford it right now - but in six months? Maybe. And the best thing about it is he knows and likes the place (I'm taking him there in about an hour) so I would think the difficulty transitioning would be minimal. 

We are in a weird spot with both of our health insurance where our old policies have been canceled but we've gotten zero confirmation on a new policy. I called Kaiser and they said mine was "in processing" but B is through MediCal now technically and I have not gotten a word from them. I will call Monday, but it sure is nerve wracking. What if we have an emergency? This thought crossed my mind the night he threw up; with his policy canceled technically dating back to Jan 1, I have no medical card for him and no idea even where to go. This whole insurance thing I'm sure will all get ironed out for us and end up way better than what I had before, but right now it's a bit of a mess. Just stay healthy and accident-free, Bumpus, is all I ask!


  1. Glad to hear things are going better (aside from the throwing up of course, glad to hear it was short lived). You seem very at peace with everything going on right now.

    My brother is also getting a run around with insurance. Hopefully it will get smoothed out soon.

  2. That insurance transition was horrid for us. But, aside from the stigma, the new policy is a huge relief for me.

    You are four short days from the timing my two made their appearance. That's pretty amazing!

    Glad to hear the face smacking is better. My two have turned into cuddlers a bit too. But they both like to open hand smack my face too (a toddler thing, I guess). Aidan also finds eye poking quite interesting right now. My hair is also an attraction. Strange little beings, aren't they?

  3. Pleased that you sound to be in a so much better place than you were in your last post. Enjoy the cuddles.

  4. So glad that things are going better with B!

    I think your deciding to focus on being 100% present is great. I imagine that as a SAHM, it's actually a LOT harder to do this. For me, when I'm out all day, I really want to play and let her lead when I get home. I'm 100% focused. But on weekends when we have all this time together, it's much easier to forget to set aside time to JUST PLAY and not do anything else. Especially in today's world of multitasking and checking phones constantly.

    I really notice a difference with C when I spend some time each day really playing. And letting her direct the play.

    Congrats on 32 weeks/8 months! The month thing always confused me. But most people say months, not weeks... but everyone seems to define "months" differently, ie 4 weeks versus 4.3 weeks. Regardless, congrats!

  5. Glad it's getting better. Sometimes it's hard to be "present." I finally broke down and went against my no TV until 2 rule right before Christmas. I just needed a chance to sit and stare into space and if I wanted to sit still I needed her to. So I popped in a DVD and let her watch that while I zoned out.

    Eight weeks to go was when it started to feel close to being done for me. Hope the last couple of months go smooth.

  6. Very glad to read things are more peaceful for the two of you. & yeah for 32 weeks!