Monday, December 30, 2013

Year end wrap up

So, today royally sucked ass. It sucked so bad that at one point I made the executive decision to just head home before any more bad things happened to me. But as I've gotten back into the habit of lately, I spent a good part of the second half of the day focusing on being grateful for the small things, not dwelling on the bad things, and being optimistic for my future. It really does help.

So in the interest of not whining and instead focusing on the good, here are some positive things:

Got my first bill for my new coverage via the ACA. Which I think means I have new coverage - I think means I got that awesome discounted policy that will totally save my butt with this upcoming birth. I think. I won't believe it until I get an actual pamphlet outlaying the terms of this new policy. I also have no idea what happens to B's policy. So there are a lot of unknowns - but the fact that I wrote my first check for it tells me I think I'm in!

The German couple who I mail DVDs for who were going to shut down operations at the end of this year have decided to keep it going another month or two. I kind of wish I could just wipe my hands of it and be done - but I kind of really need the money. So if I can get another $300 in the next two months, I'll take it!

My midwife called today to tell me to take the 3 hour glucose test. She said I can in fact take it on the weekend, and said "it's no emergency", so I'll do it Sunday. I know it's going to be pretty horrible - no breakfast or lunch and sitting around a waiting room all day with nothing to do; I can see feeling really sick and awful under those circumstances. But honestly - I'm dying of curiosity to see if I really have GD or not. I never did take the 3 hour last time and I always wondered what the results would have been. And if on the off chance I can save myself ten weeks of pricking my finger four times a day, sounds like it's worth a day of feeling lousy. I can take B to the Baby Kennel so at least I can feel lousy by myself.

So on to wrapping up 2013. It was not the year either of my children were born, so it doesn't have that special feeling to it. But it was the year I decided to bring another person into this family, which I almost didn't ever do. Right now there's a new person waiting to join the Alexandres. My sister's new nephew, my parents' new grandchild, and Bumpus' new little brother. He will be so like him and yet so not. I'll get a sneak peek at him at Saturday's 4D ultrasound. 

And assuming he doesn't make a sudden appearance tomorrow, 2014 will be the year young Teddy makes his debut. I can't wait to meet him!

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  1. Pleased that you have some good news to end the year on, and all the best for 2014