Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's

This will be the first New Year's in well over a decade that I have zero plans. Part of me hates it...and part of me doesn't care. Being in a swing band means we pretty much always have a gig (the rest of the band is in North Carolina right now - as I was, with them, two years ago, remember?), and before there was a band there was always something dance-related going on. I discovered today that the Baby Kennel is not only open on New Year's but open until 2 AM (how awesome is this place?). So if I really wanted to go out and celebrate, I could. But...I don't want to.

I never drink even when not pregnant, and I absolutely loathe being around drunk people. I also am afraid to be out on the road with said drunk people. And unfortunately for everyone else but fortunately for me, there just isn't that much going on locally. So at least there isn't some awesome event going on I have to miss. But still. I won't lie when I say it's going to sting a little to be all alone at home on NYE with not even Bumpus to keep me company, since he'll have been asleep for six hours by the time the year changes. 

It's moments like these I always have to ask myself, well, what else would you be doing? How were New Year's Eves in the past? Well, the past couple were good because I had gigs and had a baby or was pregnant. But before that...meh. A little too sober and a little too reflective. Never anyone to kiss - ever. For the past ten years, except for the last two, nothing but a sinking feeling of yet another year not in a relationship, watching everyone else get married and have kids, blah blah blah. Does any 30-something single childless woman feel anything other than despair on New Year's Eve? 

So yeah, an evening on the couch alone but with a roaring fire, a nice cup of tea, and one baby asleep in the room next door and another asleep in my belly doesn't sound half bad. 


  1. I think my NYE will be spent at home on the couch. I have to work all the nights surrounding it and just don't have the energy to find a sitter or make plans. I'm totally okay with being lame this year.

  2. My NYE will be spent on my couch, with one soon-to-be SMC (she's due in March) and another future SMC (currently TTC). I'm with you - I don't drink, pregnant or not, and I can't stand being around drunk people. They're incredibly annoying, but the worst part is, they think they're awesome!

    And yes, most 30-something single childless women feel despair on NYE... except for those who *want* to be single and childless (of which there are probably few, I'm sure).

    I love you description of your NYE in your last sentence... "one baby asleep in the room next door and another asleep in my belly" - how truly AMAZING is that?!?

  3. Sounds like a pretty good new year to me...I definitely don't miss the pressure of havin to be doing SOMETHING on NYE. Last year I could barely keep my eyes open at 11:30 & thought, "why am I forcing myself to sty awake?" & went to bed!!

    All us moms staying home should open a chat board & spend it together even tho we are all over the continent!!

  4. Well Happy New Year! I found it was often a disappointment anyway. This year I was in bed before midnight and then BB and I watched Big Ben and the fireworks on catch up this morning at a far more civilised hour.
    All the best for the year ahead