Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Operation Big Boy Room

Bumpus' room is done - sort of. Since the inside of the doors and the inside of the door frames were the last to be painted, I was advised not to close the doors at all for 24 hours, and the longer I could hold out, the better. Which sucks considering I wanted this whole transition to the big room done weeks ago. But truth be told there's a ton I need to do to make it habitable - a bit of painting (although honestly I may just say the heck with the painting), a lot of moving furniture around, and general organizing. I tried to do it all last night but it was just impossible - after getting B to bed, taking out five bags of trash (down three flights of stairs), carting a bunch of junk up the ladder to the playroom, carting a bunch of stuff down the ladder to the bedroom, two loads of laundry, setting up his bed, sorting a bunch of newborn clothes, unscrewing (with a quarter) his vintage high chair set up and remaking it into a table and chair, and being thirsty, starving, and having to pee, I decided to make it a two night process. 

So tonight I'll wheel the crib into my bedroom in preparation for Theo, wheel the impractical vintage buggy into the living room in preparation for being sold, organize more clothes, and in general make the room safe and clean for him to be in without my supervision. 

The last two days I've been plunking him on the bed with some toys to make it a safe, fun place for him in the hopes that it's not scary. I have NO idea how he's going to react to being put to bed there instead of his (now tiny) pack and play. So I'm trying to get him used to the idea of the bedroom being the fun place where the toys are and where he sleeps. Alone. Like a big boy. Can he do it???

I think tomorrow night's the night. My one big concern is the room is not at all sound proofed from the living room - just testing it out with the door closed and the TV on in the living room...well...it sounds like the TV is right in his room. Which could be a major problem. Or could not matter at all. Maybe it'll make him feel safe knowing I'm right there?? 

Anyway, operation Big Boy Room is in effect. Tonight will (hopefully) be the last night I spend with B in my room. Four short months of autonomy and then T will be in there. Not sure when I'll move him in with Bumpus. I guess like everything so far, I'll play it by ear!


  1. Woo hoo!!!! He looks happy! Do you use a sound machine? I've used one with Sidekick from day one, and it seems to really block a lot of the noises. (He is right by my living room also.) And... I feel your pain with the stairs! My condo is on the third floor.

  2. Aww, he looks so pleased and his room looks so cute!