Monday, October 7, 2013

Testing the boundaries

We're on Day 2 of Operation Free Bumpus. Once again taking him up to the playroom in the morning in the hopes of getting more sleep was utterly futile. He wasn't shoving felt fruits and vegetables into my mouth but he was far more interested in climbing all over my recumbent body than playing with his oceans of toys. Boy am I glad he'll have an age-appropriate playmate soon!

Today was more securing the perimeter - more moving things out of reach, strategic closing of doors, and taping of lamp cords to walls. There is a lot left to do. Luckily Bumpus does listen to "no" - when he grabs for something I don't want him to touch and say no or "Bumpus!", he actually gets it (for now anyway!). He looks to me before touching a new thing to see if it's ok. It's clear he's figuring out the boundaries of his new environment, one that he's seen all his life but now is suddenly within reach. And it's scary for both of us.

This morning started with B bounding over the top of his pack 'n play and tipping over a very heavy room divider, taking out a TV and everything else on my dresser. If that had fallen on him it easily could have broken his neck. Good morning! His room can't be ready fast enough.

Tonight was a first in that I put him to bed...then an hour later I heard a crash and he came running into the kitchen. I freaked out and laid him back down...only to have him do it again. And again. And again. The final time I caught him about to open the door and his little face filled with fear as I snapped at him "don't you DARE get out of that bed one more time!!!". I laid him back down and put his blankie over him and rubbed his belly, telling him I know it's hard but he really has to go to sleep now and I know he can do it. It'll be interesting to see if he keeps doing this - he might, or tonight might just have been a trial night. I can really tell he's just testing all this stuff out to see what's ok and what isn't. That's why it's SO important that I set those boundaries - firmly - now. I see what happens to those kids whose parents didn't!

I feel like overnight I've graduated into real parenting, as opposed to whatever bullshit I was doing before, basically just keeping Bumpus alive while I went about my business. This here is the real deal - discipline, constant watching, constant interacting and entertaining. Am I up for the challenge? I *think* so.

In other news, a nice man from The Geek Squad came by today and fixed my Internet issues and set up my new (ten month old) computer for $99; I also requested to be contacted on the Obamacare website in the hopes that maybe there is a policy out there that will allow me to have this baby without going bankrupt. It doesn't hurt to ask, right?


  1. Hopefully soon he'll start to get a feel for where the boundaries are and what he can and can not do. Right now everything is new out of the playpen. I didn't do a lot of baby proofing. Just removed items that could hurt her and then taught her that there were some thing she just couldn't get into. We haven't had too many mishaps.

  2. The cool thing about his age is that while they do test everything, they catch on really quickly. They learn so fast at his age.

  3. "That's why it's SO important that I set those boundaries - firmly - now. I see what happens to those kids whose parents didn't!" so true & exactly where I am with Elena right now...I HATE having to discipline her & be strict but I don't want her to be a brat. Stay strong!

  4. Absolutely love the paragraph about graduating to "real parenting" overnight. I feel the exact same way! It really is true about all of a sudden having to set limits and boundaries and figure out some sort of discipline... YIKES! I so wasn't ready or prepared for this to happen so fast!!