Monday, September 30, 2013

...aaaand we're back

Thank God, a normal night of sleep for B last night. So maybe the bad night was all just about his being overstimulated all day and then going to bed late - although if that was the case, why did he sleep so well during the event...? Well, never mind. I won't question it! 

I have been trying to ask B questions in the hope that he'll answer yeah or no - but he doesn't seem to get it. I know this might end up being a lengthy process, encouraging B to talk. Somehow I don't think our parents or grandparents ever did this. But what do I know? Maybe they did.

Despite not having the balls to pull the trigger and start the room renovation, I have been making lots of plans for B's room. I want to refinish the rusted Radio Flyer a friend gave me for Christmas and put books in it; I also impulsively bought a cheap toy chest on eBay so there's somewhere to put his "downstairs toys". I don't know if he'll even like being in that room - what if he just screams to get out?? What if he hates sleeping in there? What if I did all of this for nothing? 

Well, it won't be for nothing, because at least eventually he will like his own room. And I know that it's good for him to be out of my room whether he knows it or not. Something tells me as long as he has toys he'll be totally fine. He may even be just old enough to really enjoy a space that's all his.

There was a thread today on my WTE board of second timers having anxiety about giving birth again. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I have this distinct memory of walking the dog heavily pregnant and thinking how much harder it would be to be going for it a second time, knowing what to expect, rather than being a first timer and being able to convince yourself that it won't be that bad, that it'll probably be quicker and easier than you think. And here I am. And I do have a great deal of anxiety about the birth as I've endlessly written about. I wish I could get zen about it and feel positive - I mean, I have no reason to think I'll have a bad experience and every reason to think it'll be quicker/easier this time. Maybe as I get closer it'll be easier to calm my mind and get a positive mantra going. Right now, though, I'm really struggling.

Here is a picture of the toy chest I bought:


  1. Have you tried one-word questions to see if he'll repeat you? Like when he's done eating, say "down?" Or "done?" Or naming a favorite food or drink when he's asking for it? Felix has just started repeating "muh" for milk and "tah" for hot, but I give him praise for getting one of the sounds right. If I even think he said one of the sounds in the word, I say, "Yes, milk!" and he looks pretty proud.

  2. Somehow I don't think that B will hate the room. But I would recommend not making the transition time with the new baby in case there is some added stress from the new addition.

    I hadn't really thought about actually going through labor again until I read your post. And to be honest, that put a a tally in the don't try to a third column for me (I find that my experience gets more unpleasant with time and thought, rather than less). So I can understand the concern. But on the plus side, you are going in with a knowledge that will make you even more empowered.

  3. Ignorance is bliss. I didn't take a birthing class, read any books about labor and delivery, or watch any videos before Sidekick was born. I was going in fairly clueless with the understanding that the nurses and doctors will do what they need to do to get him out safely, and I would let them help me every step of the way. I had a rough deliver, and taking a class wouldn't have made it any less difficult. Just remember that every birth is different so this one could be a breeze, and when it's all over, you'll have a sweet baby in your arms. You have way too long to worry the entire time. Think about that baby instead, rather than what it'll take to get it out. It'll all be good. : )