Friday, August 2, 2013

8 weeks - progesterone, olives and Lucky Charms

I just had three bowls of Lucky Charms. So much for eating healthy and loading up on protein, huh? Ugh. I don't know. That cereal box at the supermarket was just calling my name today. And once we got home (by we I mean me and the box of Lucky Charms) I just had no self control. For the record I have been eating very healthfully, though. Except for today.

My progesterone runs out in a few days. So I can either spend another $25 and a long trip up to the compounding pharmacy and endure greasy undies for another two weeks...or I can just stop when they run out, at 8 1/2 weeks. I think I'll step down and cut the last three into halves to stretch to nine weeks. After all, if I survived the 4th of July with just little thirds of progesterone back when the pregnancy was very new, I think I should be fine at this late date. I'm pretty sure I stopped at nine weeks last time. I should be fine. Right...?

My WTE app says the baby is the size of an olive now. I do have an underlying river of joy about this pregnancy, despite being bogged down most days by loads of work complications. I cannot WAIT until a month from now when I can be done with it all and start enjoying and celebrating - if all my tests come back good and I'm squarely in the 2nd trimester, I think I will do a big Facebook announcement, etc. I didn't do any of that last time, and am kind of sorry I didn't. I was just too afraid of people being judgy or jealous or not supportive. But the heck with it. This is for sure my last pregnancy ever, and I intend to celebrate it. As soon as my event is over, of course. 


  1. I still say that when a woman has a food craving during pregnancy it is because the baby needs something in that food...and I do believe most cereals are high in folic acid, so it is a win-win craving!

    Totally understand the nervousness over a big FB announcement, but I never had a single negative when I did mine. Hopefully you will also have a positive experience!

  2. Mmmmmmm.....Lucky Charms. I love Lucky Charms. And Fruity Pebbles. I'm getting some of both as soon as this baby is born (while I can technically eat whatever I want right now, cereal is so awful for blood sugar - even "healthy" cereals - that I just can't do it.) Have another bowl tonight for me, please?

    Celebrating this baby in every way possible is a great idea. So glad your event is just a month away!

  3. I love Lucky Charms! That was always "my" cereal. Now I want some!

    I announced on Facebook while I was still in my first trimester and didn't receive any "judgey" or negative type comments.