Friday, August 16, 2013

10 weeks

We're in double digits. I can't believe how quickly this trimester has flown by - and I do worry I'm not "appreciating" it enough. But first trimesters can rarely be appreciated because you feel so lousy, and the pressures of work have made it hard to think about anything else. The first trimester is all about survival. And as of two weeks from now, god willing, we will have survived it.

I am feeling a lot more zen about the event now - I dove in and completed my big video presentation over the last couple of days, and now I have just the last minute paperwork and organizing to do, and of course, my favorite, Customer Service. Today's Customer Service issues - can I give discounts to people in wheelchairs, a family of seven wants to watch their son perform in the Team division, do they really all have to pay to get in?, and my French teachers asking me to remove them from my website because it causes a problem at customs. Such is my every day these days. A million little decisions. Kind of like parenting, really.

I'm pleased to say the Anti-Penis Suit is working its magic. Had B in shorts and a t shirt for half a second today, and he of course immediately whipped it out. Back in the Suit.

This weekend my band plays a wedding which is the last time I will see my bandleader before the event. I am hoping to tell him about the pregnancy but I don't know if it's the best time, really - I would rather tell with his wife present. It's just easier with a woman there, honestly - men don't know how to react to pregnancy announcements. And I really don't need to hear, "but you swore you weren't having any more" one more time.

I hit up my Kaiser midwife about the Mat21 test. I happen to have her personal email from her private acupuncture practice so I used that. We went back and forth about a hundred times last night - she didn't understand why Kaiser couldn't order it for me, in fact thought the test they order was in fact the Mat21. I kept telling her over and over that the Verifi test Kaiser can order will cost me $1500 and there's no way I'm paying that. That if I order Mat21 as "self pay" it's only $199. I don't think she ever really got it - she said she'd order Mat21 for me today, but I have zero faith that she'll do it, or do it correctly - I'm a little afraid even if I am able to take this test that I'll get a bill for $2700 for it (I've heard of this happening). So part of me doesn't even want to bother. God knows I've gotten enough "surprise!" bills from Kaiser - something like that right now would be absolutely ruinous for me.

So tonight I tweak my video presentation and then have a celebratory frozen yogurt. I believe I've earned it.

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