Monday, July 15, 2013

The night before

I've gotten myself all worked up into a tizzy over this trip to Florida. I'm just so afraid of it. What am I afraid of? Travel delays/issues. B being miserable. Forgetting essential things, like my progesterone. Miscarrying. Something happening to the house while gone. A work emergency I can't handle from my phone. You know, the usual travel worries, times ten for not only having an active toddler with me but being at a delicate stage of pregnancy. It's a lot.

But I'm trying to take the "it'll be an adventure!" attitude about it. It will be great to see family (and with my sister in the hotel room there will be someone to help for once); I won't have to be alone and sad on my birthday; I can get in some good beach time. 

After going back and forth for weeks I have decided to do the following:

Bring my light weight umbrella stroller, mostly for the airport but also as a containing device, place to feed him, etc. With the heat and my "condition" I doubt I'm going to want to carry him much. But I will use the carrier getting on the airplane. Will also use a back pack so we can be hands-free.

I decided to rent a car seat at the car rental place. This could go so horribly wrong. But just the idea of lugging a huge, heavy suitcase, a toddler, a carry on bag, an awkward stroller AND large, bulky car seat...? I don't think I could physically do it, not with only two hands. The car seat is one thing I can rent there, so that's what I'm going to do. Again, could be a total disaster. But I don't see another alternative.

Went and bought snacks at Trader Joe's today. You know what? I might start shopping there regularly from now on. Judging by some of the prices of things I buy a lot, it seems like I could save some money. My grocery bills have been bumming me out lately. 

Felt a little nauseated yesterday and quite a bit today, but I would still put it only at about a 3. The fact that I am functioning and able to eat tells me it's not so bad. Please tell me this is as bad as it'll get. At least through my trip. Well, I'm bringing my Unisom and B6 in case.

For those of you into symptoms, here's what I've been feeling - very different from last time:

Slight nausea
Light headedness - feel like I'm swimming in a fog a lot of the time, and have a head rush every time I stand up
Achy, twingy feelings in abdomen
Nothing in the boob department at all. They are the same sad, deflated little pancakes they've been since weaning.

So, today I'll do one last trip to the park to let B run it out, then finish packing and get any essential work projects finished. I hope on this trip that: B does ok with sleeping/napping/eating, and isn't too traumatized; that I am not too sick; that I'm still pregnant at the end of it; that I'm not too traumatized by my cousin's crappy marriage. Oh, and that nobody molests my house while I'm gone. That's not too much to ask...right?


  1. Safe travels! I do hope everything goes well and nothing you worry about happens while you are gone.

    Oh, and I agree about Trader Joe's--high quality at fair prices (and I tend to be on the frugal side). I always find myself there wondering why I don't go more often!

  2. I'm a bit nervous about the logistics of our road trip this weekend too. Oh, and I'm also a Trader Joes fan, they have a lot of quirky snack items, only drawback is that sometimes it is hard to find more common things there (like certain seasonings). Good luck, and have fun!

  3. Have a safe/fun trip and try not to worry about the things you can't control while you're gone.

    I love Trader Joe's, unfortunately the nearst store is 3 hours away, so I only get there about once a year.

  4. Good luck! I am hitting the road tomorrow (not excited about it either).

    I wish I had a TJ's in my neighborhood. They do have some good prices and food.

    Can't wait to get together to tell travel stories and hear about your pregnancy!