Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No whammies no whammies no whammies

Still pregnant. I think. Have not tested today; don't know if I will. After all, if the lines do get lighter and lighter and I start bleeding, then we know, don't we? There is no pill, injection, herb or emergency room visit on earth that will make a tiny little zygote viable if it's not. There's a certain freedom in that. And a certain sadness, too. 

Period is technically due today or maybe tomorrow. No sign of it. But the funny thing is how I feel! Totally the opposite of with Mr. B. Not nauseated. In fact, I feel fantastic. I want to eat everything - in fact, everything good for me; I have zero interest in sweets. I am not tired; in fact, I seem to have an Herculean energy. Apparently extreme hunger is a pregnancy sign - the other day I was ravenous just an hour or less after each meal. So, that's good, right? I'd take endless hunger over endless nausea any day, believe you me. 

I am also already protein loading in an effort to get a jump on any possible pre-eclampsia developing. This will no doubt take an edge off any gestational diabetes as well. Luckily there's lots of protein in many of my favorite foods - Greek yogurt, quinoa, lentils, beans, edamame, cottage cheese. Maybe they'll even help me not get sick. Maybe.

Anyway, lots of maybes right now, as you know. Trying to be relaxed and zen. It'll either work out or it won't. Doing a little math it looks like I shouldn't even check in to Kaiser until I get back from my trip in late July; after the experience of going in to fill out all the paperwork and set all my appointments, only to miscarry days later and have to explain to the multiple nurses who called to find out why I wasn't keeping my appointments that I had lost the baby, I promised myself to always wait at least six weeks. That's a long way away from now. 

But hey, I was looking at my list of hurdles last night, and Hurdle #1 is over - Getting Pregnant. Next is surviving the 5 week mark, which is a week from Friday. No whammies no whammies no whammies...


  1. just catching up on the last few days... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    can't believe you're pregnant -- seems so recently that you were saying "no way, one and done... well, maybe..."

    so excited for you both!

  2. Hang in there zygote! Gorgeous picture of B!

  3. Will you be getting betas? I hope you can keep feeling zen - it's probably the healthiest way to be at this point. :)

    1. No betas, unfortunately. All I can do is wait for that viability ultrasound ((shudder))

  4. Big bucks (babies!)! No whammies!

    Best of luck to you over the next several weeks. How great that you are feeling so good right now.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  6. You sound so excited! Really pleased for you. I think it's all good signs so far - really hope you don't get the nausea

  7. I really hope you keep feeling great - you deserve it after your last pregnancy! And I hope I have the same experience someday - feel great instead of nauseous with my second one! Congrats again, so exciting!!

  8. Just catching up. Congratulations - this is great news! All the very best!