Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hoping for 2s

Last night I fell into a bit of a pit of despair - I just felt so awful, and I've got so much work ahead of all seems completely insurmountable. At least last time I felt sick before my event it was only by a few days; much of the work had been done, so I just had to suffer through the actual event. This time I've got six weeks of hard work AND suffering through the event. Oy.

Well, the good news is I feel much better today, randomly, so suddenly everything looks a lot brighter (funny how that works, when you can enjoy your food and don't feel like hurling every second, suddenly you develop a positive attitude). I don't know if it's because I loaded up on the B6 and Unisom last night and this morning preventatively, or if I just felt better for no reason. But I'll take it. Mom Guru gave me her leftover Zofran so at least I have that at the ready, too (although as stated I'm not convinced it did anything for me last time).

Tonight I spent several hours ordering the trophies and medals for my dance contests. So, that's one giant, detail-oriented job down. So many more to go. It's really something, caring for an active toddler all day, keeping a household going (cooking, cleaning, putting things away), caring for your nauseated pregnant self, and then starting your long work day at 8 PM when you're totally exhausted and just want to lie down with a cool cloth on your head. It sucks. But I did choose this, all of it. And once the event is over everything changes. I just have to make it through until then.

Today I got the unpleasant news that because one of the couples that have been sort of my right hand for probably ten + years are now having marital problems, the husband has decided he's not going this year. I had a bad feeling that might happen. So now I have to find someone to provide a sound system for my beauty contest Labor Day and DJ all the contest music all weekend long. I texted him to see if he was coming, and several hours later he wrote me that he's not. I haven't answered because I'm pretty pissed; but this guy has done all of this for me for free for years, so I really have no business being mad that he doesn't want to do it anymore. That's the problem with my kind of business - you rely on favors and volunteers, and when people flake you just have to eat it, because you can't afford to pay people. It's rough. But I may have some ideas on how to fix it. If nothing else, I am certainly resourceful when needed.

So, that's where I'm at. Yesterday my nausea was at about an 8. Today was about a 2. Let's keep hoping for 2s.


  1. I feel for you having such a busy time at this stage in your pregnancy. Just try not to get overwhelmed by it all. Fingers crossed for 2's

  2. When you need a break, you can head down here (we are now pretty well baby proofed with so-so air conditioning and there's always the park in walking distance).

    Hang in there. Hope the nausea continues to improve!