Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten things I hate about you

In the interest of honesty and encouraging mothers to not feel alone in their occasional frustrations with their children, I have decided to write a list of things my kid does that drive me nuts. This list is published with the understanding that a) I love him very much and b) he's just a baby and does these things because he's normal and active and curious. Here we go!

1. I hate it when I'm trying to feed him and he keeps pushing off with his feet to stand in his high chair. Ditto repeatedly kicking the tray until it goes flying off, flinging food everywhere

2. I hate it when I have to wrestle him to change his diaper - which has been pretty much every diaper change since about five months
3. I hate it when he shakes his head "no" to a food or drink he actually wants until I re-introduce it about ten times, then he wants it

4. I hate it when he screams and arches his back every time we have to get in the carseat or stroller

5. I hate it when he shakes his sippy cup upside down and soaks his pants/ carseat/playpen until it's empty

6. I hate it when he whines all day for no (apparent) reason

7. I hate it when he pulls his hat off in the sunshine

8. I hate it when he screams in my ear for no (apparent) reason

9. I hate it when he insists on crawling to the dirtiest, most hazardous area of any public place we go and shoves random treacherous things in his mouth

10. I hate it when I have to pin him down and wrench his jaw open to remove said treacherous items from his mouth, amidst much screaming and kicking

...but honestly, he's so darned cute none of this stuff matters that much. Ain't that some shit?


  1. That sweet innocent face would never do anything that you listed! ;)

    I'm not big on toys that light up and play music, but we do have one toy (small v-tech "book" that plays nursery rhymes) that I always use to distract Isaac on the changing table. Since he doesn't get to play with it in any other situation, it is still new and exciting. I hate the annoying voice on it, and that I have the order of the rhymes memorized at this point. The best part is that it is plastic and can be wiped off should little hands end up in nasty things that they have no business being in!

    1. I also have that V-Tech book. After listening to it for the past year, I have become fairly convinced that it is, in fact, The Devil

  2. He really is an adorable little guy. :)

  3. Oh the shaking their head no when they really want it drives me NUTS!! E will indicate she's done eating so I will pop the last bite of her chicken nugget/cookie/whatever into my mouth while clearing her plate & she will lose her ever lovin' mind!!! Screaming for it back!! Short of regurgitating it back up, what the hell am I supposed to do!! Oh that frustrates me!

    & the diaper thing!! I mean we'd be done so quickly without the fight! I've resorted to bribing her with M&Ms...in my defence, this was suggested in Happiest Toddler on the Block :)

    Sorry for the rant, lol! I am glad that a) I'm not the only one having these problems & b) I'm not the only one frustrated by it!!

  4. What a great post! I cracked up! You make me realize what have to look forward to! He is cute!

  5. Ha ha - I could have written the exact same list! with a few more added. That back arching is very effective isn't it. When we were out at the festival the other day I made sure we were close by the speakers when I put him back in his chair so that people were less likely to here him scream!

  6. Love this! Of course there are things we hate about our kids - no one's perfect! But they really are all so cute, so yeah, none of it matters much!