Friday, June 21, 2013

It's on

So. IUI #1 (technically #4) is on the books. And it couldn't have gone better. No flat tires. No cars stolen in the night. No sudden flu. No oversleeping. No Bumpus emergencies. Went in, did the IUI. Nurse said my cervix looked "beautiful" (who doesn't love to hear that?). I was a bit antsy about timing so she humored me with a post-IUI ultrasound. And we were in mid-follicle collapse, with lots of fluids all around, which she says meant the egg probably released sometime in the night. Why no cramping, who knows? But at least I can spend the next two weeks not worrying that we bungled the timing. So now the only thing stopping me is the viability of the egg. It's my last 40-year-old egg. Come on, big 4-0!


  1. So glad it went well and you got the timing right, after all! Thinking positive thoughts for you and hope the 2ww goes by quickly!

  2. Holy cow, great timing!! Now be honest, how soon will you start POASing?

    1. Probably the night of June 30 if it's anything like last time - although if it's anything like last time I'll already be sick to my stomach so I won't even need to POAS!

  3. Who knows, that may just be the first picture of Bumpus as a big brother! Hope the 2ww goes by quickly!

  4. Keeping fingers & toes crossed!! Sounds like perfect timing to me!!

  5. Good luck (my computer and your blog don't get along, so it's taken me forever to get this post to load)! Sticky baby dust sent your way from the three of us!!