Monday, June 17, 2013

Follie report

Went in for my pre- IUI follicle check today. Everything looks good! Left ovary shows a nice fat follicle at 14mm; lining is a 7 (when I had B I believe it was a 6). We went around in circles as far as procedure - I think I will use opks just for shits and giggles, but we are both of the opinion that Thursday will most likely be "the" day. I'm not going to trigger. That way I don't have to worry about false positives, hooray! The timing may be a bit tricky - I'm not seeing as much EWCM as I'd like for this late in the game, but if I feel cramping on Weds or early Thurs then I know I'm good. So, we're on! The only thing that could make this not work is missing the timing or a non-viable egg. 

Today as I was brushing my teeth I looked myself in the mirror and asked myself if I really wanted to do this. Much like my first ever IUI in April of '11, I said to myself as if a father whispering into his daughter's ear on the way to the altar, "you don't have to do this. You can still back out." But I know I want to do it. I really have no doubts about it, which is good. I think I just had to let the concept roll around in my head long enough to really come to this place. And this is with full knowledge of how good, and how bad, it can get. No illusions about how hard it's going to be. None whatsoever.

Lately I've been really afraid of the nausea, though. I know I still have some more methods to try, and hey, it may not even be as bad this time (which I doubt), but I don't mind admitting I am really, really scared of feeling like I'm about to throw up every minute of every day for the next three to four months. I feel terrible dread about it. Every day I wake up with B at 6 am and think, "how the hell am I going to do this when I'm sick?" Then I change a giant poo poo didey and ask myself, "how the hell am I going to do this when I'm sick?" Then I make him scrambled eggs and think, get the picture. And the answer to all this is, I really don't know. I have no idea. And it completely freaks me out. 

I've got my Unisom and B6 at the ready, and my midwife's card if I can manage some acupuncture (I have no idea how, with a baby in tow). And other than getting to Miami and back and running my event in 2 1/2 months I don't technically have to do anything. God, if only the first trimester weren't such hell-! But again, getting ahead of myself. Got to get sperm to meet (viable) egg first. 

I mean, look at this face. Who wouldn't risk anything to make another one of these???


  1. Yay! So exciting! Can you believe you're almost to another 2ww?

  2. I think I'm a late ovulator, too, if I remember correctly. I'm sure you'll have the timing right, and it sounds like you've got a great follie in there!

    I don't blame you for worrying about the nausea. I was SO miserable with nausea, too, and I absolutely can't imagine feeling that way for so long with a little one to take care of. But just keep reminding yourself that it'll all be worth it in the end - that's my plan for baby #2, if and when I decide to go for it!

  3. Glad things are looking good!!

    & glad the Playtex cups are working for you...I kick myself for not trying them sooner.

  4. Good luck with the IUI!! I think a mini B will be very cute, especially after seeing the old pictures of him you posted the other day!

  5. hooray for your follie!

    forgive me for a stupid question: did you try taking Zofran for nausea? it's supposed to be pretty awesome.

    1. I tried it last time - didn't really do anything, and left me horrifically constipated. Would try it again + stool softener if I had to, though

  6. Yeah! Good luck.

    I don't remember if you tried multiple drugs, but I think there is another on or two (in addition to Zofran). I think I got one of them intravenously in the ERs when I had my horrific migraines. But I really hope that you don't have to worry about being so sick this time around!

  7. Oh wow - good luck for Thursday

  8. They say every pregnancy is different. You could have an easier go about it next time. Here's hoping anyway!

    Good luck!