Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday

Can you believe these photos??? Someone just posted them on my Facebook wall. They are from last spring/summer when B must have been about three or four months old. I didn't even recognize him at first! It's amazing how much he's changed, and how much more he's going to change in the next few years - hell, the next twenty years! 

Now for the not so fun stuff - I am completely beside myself with fear and worry. Last night while a babysitter was here someone had the gall to slip in through my front gate (I know because they left it open) and pry the top off my locking mail box, just feet away from a fully lit house with a TV on...! Nothing was in it, of course, but I am absolutely terrified. Between this and my neighbor telling me about the recent break ins, I feel like our neighborhood is experiencing a mini crime wave, and I don't know how far it's going to escalate before it stops. I just don't understand why someone would try to break into a mail box, at night when it's bound to be empty, and when someone is obviously home just feet away and could easily see you. It's one thing when criminals are stealthy and just want to get in and out when no one's's another when they don't care if you're home. I have been completely consumed with fear the last twelve hours. At least now someone - either me or a babysitter - is always home at night. But during the day when the whole neighborhood is empty the place is a target, and again, if they don't care if I'm home...shudder the thought. I keep trying to tell myself of all the homes mine is the least likely to be broken into because of my alarm and the bars on all the windows, which none of the other houses have. You would think any thief would just pass us by and go next door instead. But you'd think anyone looking to break into a mailbox would wait until nobody was home, too, and they didn't. So I just don't know what I'm dealing with here. And I have to leave for a week a month from now. Ugh!

I'm going to call today to get bars put on the upstairs window and the bathroom window which, even though it doesn't open, could easily be broken and slipped into. I also took my gun out of the safe. Don't worry, it's in a place B could never get to in a million years and the bullets are in a separate location. But if there is an emergency in the middle of the night, having it locked away in a very inaccessible safe which is hard to open pretty much defeats the point of having it. 

I hate that the world has to be this way sometimes, but it is what it is. Nobody escapes crime, even petty crime. Not to sound overly dramatic, but if someone broke in here and stole everything I need to function in my life and my work and I had to go through the rigamarole of filing a police report, filing an insurance claim, replacing everything, plus then having to still sleep here alone every night, etc etc, I don't think I could take it. I think I might have a nervous breakdown. As I mentioned before I never really recovered from my last two break ins (which were ages ago and not even in this city). There's just something about home burglaries that pushes every button I have. Some people are angry and sad when this happens to them but then they move on...I don't know if I could move on. I'm so afraid. And I hate that I'm made to feel afraid because I'm alone, and that I need a man around here to protect me from other men.


  1. I am afraid for is one of my biggest fears, that someone will break in while we're home since we are ALWAYS home...please be careful & safe.

    Love the photos of B...what a nice surprise

  2. Great photos of B!

    A single mom I know recently posted on FB that she practices fire, tornado (disaster), and intruder drills with her kids (they are elementary age). It isn't a pleasant thought, but it did get me thinking. I found that putting a plan into place for each of these situations has helped ease a little fear. Also, did you contact the police? Stealing mail (even though yours was empty) is a federal offense, maybe they could get some prints off of it?

  3. Precious pictures!

    I agree it's worth reporting to the police. They may step up patrols in the area as a result, assuming your other neighbors have reported as well.

  4. Love the pictures!

    I understand your fear completely. One of the few reasons I'll miss my current neighborhood is because of how safe it is, and how many good neighbors I have.

  5. Great pictures. I am the process of putting pictures into photo albums for my trip back and it's nice going down memory lane.

    It is scary to think someone was that brash. Hopefully the bars and alarm are a good deterrent from anyone actually trying to get in your house. Can you have someone house sit while you are gone, so the house isn't empty for that entire time? Stay safe you two!!

    I remember how vulnerable I felt when the next door neighbor's house got broken into in broad daylight (they stole all of their electronics) while I was sleeping one morning. And then I learned that the previous occupants of our house moved out after they were burgled.

  6. Yeesh!!! It does make us feel unsafe when we hear about things like that. I hope it doesn't go beyond your mailbox.

  7. Scary! I had a similar situation last summer. A neighbor saw a man standing in my yard and it looked like he was pearing into the windows, he called the police and the man was questioned but just said he was walking by. What really got me was that the police never even came to my door to inform me. I found out from the neighber the next day. For the most part I feel very safe in my neighborhood, and Izzy is an good guard dog. Where I lived in MI was so great and on two different occasions she drove people off in the middle of the night.

    I hope you don't have any further incidients and I would definitely report it to the police.

    Love the old pictures. I also had a flashback today. I sent a picture from our vacation to be printed, when I picked it up at the store they said I had two orders. One was from January that I had sent to be printed but forgot about. Although it was only 5 months ago, she looked so different.

  8. Oh, how scary! My house was broken into in November, and it sucked. :( I hope the bars and alarm work to keep them no closer than your mailbox!

    LOVE the pics of B! It's truly amazing how much they change so quickly.