Friday, May 17, 2013

A great many things

After several weeks of not connecting, I finally got my handyman over for a full day of random jobs today. Between 10-3 he:

Straightened a crooked ceiling light fixture
Switched out my shower head
Adjusted the screen door so it doesn't loudly slam shut
Hung a baby swing from my avocado tree
Brought the leftover building materials from my attic down to the garbage
Rewired an Edwardian lamp that's sat unused for 19 years

While he did this, I:

Took B's octagon play yard thing out of the box and set it up for use
Assembled his pack 'n play for use as a crib
Disassembled the old Port-A-Crib
Repaired and packed away the old bumper system for the Port-A-Crib my sister made
Blew up his super creepy Rody rocking horse I bought him for his 1st birthday (he was scared of it at first until I held him close while he sat on it, then he got into it)
Assembled a wooden walker my sister's step mother bought him
Recovered two chairs with cute oilcloth
Moved tons of broken old crap from the back yard to the garbage
Attempted to take down rickety bamboo privacy fence but gave up when I discovered how many weeds had grown into it
Assembled new hose and liberally watered tomatoes, peppers & herbs
Fixed and re-hung broken barometer
Fixed & re-hung movie poster that shattered to the ground during my whole sewer debacle
Finally defrosted and threw out the gross hot pepper tomato sauce I froze but will never eat
Put all strollers and other random shit in the closet where the giant carseat box used to be
Stacked boxes ready to be stored in the playroom whenever the contractor gets over here with the cabinet doors (only been waiting four months for this to happen)
Went grocery shopping
Piled cabbage leaves into bra
Collected egg from surviving chicken
Cooked goat cheese polenta with chick pea ratatouille and baked apples with cinnamon whipped cream
Traded many, many texts trying to get my June babysitting dates filled
Paid my ever-increasing pool maintenance bill - wondered again if I should try to find someone cheaper
Tried to change battery in stopped yard clock only to discover the motor is broken
Brought many broken down shipping boxes down to garbage 
Made a green leaf lettuce, butter lettuce, cucumber and radish salad for the week
Pinned a recipe for dill pickles
Changed two poo poo didies
Shook out the nursery rug
Cleaned the kitchen floor three times
Emptied the dishwasher
Filled the dishwasher
Fielded emails about how to improve our failing meet up group
Fielded emails about upcoming gigs
Fielded emails about the next SMC meeting
Wondered where that moldy smell was coming from
Unintentionally soaked shoes when new hose went haywire
Watched that episode of Married to Medicine for like the bajillionth time
Checked Facebook 87 times to see how many people "liked" the video I posted of B walking
Got a good preschool recommendation from the handyman

...and that's it. Whew! Good night!


  1. Now I feel like I had a very unaccomplished day (or week, month, year, etc.) :)

  2. That's crazy! Its amazing how much we can achieve isn't it - I hope you slept well!

  3. Holy cow. And here I was feeling proud of myself for trading out my faulty DVR and getting Finn's car seat turned around. Now I just feel lazy. LOL

  4. That's it?!!!?? OMG! I'm exhausted just reading it all!!! I feel productive if I run the dishwasher AND empty it in the same day!!!

  5. Holy shit, you're productive!!! How do you do so much with B around? Doesn't he get in to stuff while you're busy?! I can't figure out how to pee when Jordyn's awake... Congrats on getting so much done!