Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Better day

So of course today was one of those perfect baby days. And so it goes, huh? Not complaining, though. I sidestepped the early morning cry-fest by taking B straight up to the playroom when he woke up and lying on the bed there. So I felt somewhat rested and he was able to play, which he can no longer do in the crib since I took all the toys out (now that he actually sleeps there).

He must be teething again because he's having similar poop issues as last time - tons of explosive poo and a resulting awful rash, which I'm sure can't feel good. I don't feel any buds coming in but I think that's the culprit. Last night he was with a sitter again until about 12:30 and when I settled into bed he woke and was inconsolable - thankfully my often latent maternal instinct kicked in and I didn't just let him cry and insist he go back to sleep but instead checked his diaper and sure enough, giant poo and angry red rash. Poor little guy. I put some ointment on it and rocked him a bit for comfort, then when I put him back down to sleep he conked right out.

I think I'm getting better at redirecting - so often when he starts to get in a snit I just stare at him, helpless...and it takes me a minute to remember to distract him with something. I'm sure as the months go by I'll become a real pro, however.

Tonight I gave myself a break and fed B pasta off my plate while he stood in his playpen in just a diaper. Sometimes this three kid meals in the high chair a day thing is just too much for me.

I have to admit I had a great time dancing the last couple of nights. Luckily because there was a weekend dance event (that I attended Sunday night) a few people were still in town to come see our band last night, so I got to dance when I wasn't singing. How I miss it! But nights like those are few and far between, when all your friends come out and everyone has a great time. I remember when every night was like that. Sigh.

At one of my commenter's suggestions I have made an appointment with a Kaiser midwife, the one I started with in the pregnancy but who I never saw again because she's so popular. So popular in fact that her first availability isn't for six weeks-! But I figure I owe it to myself to do some due diligence as far as investigating the practicality of another pregnancy for me. I know she doesn't have a crystal ball, and nobody but me can make this decision. But I would like to get a medical opinion - about the possibility of getting pre-e again and if I really can help myself with diet and supplements, how safe is pregnancy in your 40s, etc. I figure it can't hurt to talk to someone.

If you had asked me yesterday how I felt about having another baby, I would have said "hell to the no." Ask me after a day like today and I'd say, "why not? I've totally got this!" And so it goes.


  1. Glad you both had a better day!

    Talking to the midwife sounds like an excellent idea. Hope she can give you some answers that help you make your decision.

  2. Felix is almost 11 months and starting to have some whiny fits. He bypasses fun toys and goes for things he can't have - phone charger, remote, dog water - and then arches his back and throws himself on the floor when he sees me coming to redirect him.

    He's outgrown his doorway jumper and exersaucer, and will ignore a bedroom full of toys in favor of standing at a baby gate gently fake-crying while I get ready in the morning. It definitely tries my patience.

    I think this week's issues are a combination of teething, getting over a virus and some late separation anxiety. Last night I was cleaning up the living room and he burst into tears every time I walked out of the room to put something away.

    So yeah, I feel you.