Thursday, March 7, 2013


So I've decided one of the ways to combat my fears about B's new developments is to acquire the proper tools. Of course I'm going to feel unprepared and gormless (one of my favorite British terms) when I'm dealing with outdated materials.

So I retired the GoPod for feedings and have started using the high chair which has sat unused for a year. It seems a little too big still - he kind of sinks into it. But I'm trying to mitigate that with the use of wadded up burp cloths. It's great to have the use of a tray that B can use to feed himself. He does tend to push everything on the floor, but I've accepted we have entered the "mom picking things up off the floor" phase.

I went to Home Depot and bought a 50 lb bag of random landscaping rocks to divide up into three ziplock bags to put around the base of the jumper so B doesn't tip it over. So far it's working like a charm. I hope I can get a few more months' use out of it, anyway. He does love it.

I am about to have a friend's husband install the convertible carseat, and turn over my snap 'n go stroller and start using the umbrella stroller that, once again, has sat unused for a year. I set it up and buckled B in here in the living room; I have to say I was kind of unimpressed. My main concerns are utter lack of shade, and no storage space. The shade is a major problem here in LA where there is always hot, direct sunlight. The little snap on shade they provide only covers the top of his head. I was thinking of getting rid of it and buying a different one with proper shade...but I do have a jogging stroller I use for any lengthy outdoor jaunts; maybe the umbrella stroller will be ok for those miscellaneous times, like waiting in line at the post office, mall strolling, etc...? Anyway I have it on hand so there's no point in trying to get rid of it until I've actually seen if I can use it or not. I'm meeting Mom Guru in the parking lot of a Target today to try out one of her strollers to see if I like it better. Just goes to show why it's so hard to make those big purchases while you're still pregnant - you have no idea what your needs will end up being.

Speaking of Target, I'm going to troll the baby section to look for sippy cups, food, and other feeding implements.

I am LOVING getting rid of all the old baby stuff! The nursery is finally looking pared down and organized, no longer full of giant boxes of things I didn't need until now. That's one freedom of knowing there will be no more kids - no need to hang on to old stuff. Although I did enlist my sister to make a baby blanket out of my favorite newborn onesies. Kind of couldn't let go of those, somehow.


  1. As sippy cups go, Pkaytex and Tommy Tippee are my favorite. Avoid Nuby if you can. The ones with handles and hard to screw on and end up leaking. The soft spout munkins work we'll if you can figure out how to get the spout lined up right. Advent and Dr Brown also have great sippies, but they don't carry them at Target.

    Good luck on the stroller!

  2. If you decide you do like the umbrella stroller, you can get a canopy extension (amazon has them). I think it is hard to find anything with adequate shade for our weather that also lets the baby see out (it's a costant battle for us on walks to keep their faces from being blasted). I wish I had time and the connections to design something.

  3. I agree that Nuby weren't good for us -- the nipple always always always collapsed in on itself. never once worked properly. we really liked the Munchkin ones and the Nuk ones... the Nuk slightly better because a) it has a cover to keep the spout clean on outings and b) you can remove the cup handles to make it fit in your bag or stroller console more easily.

    if you google "stroller shade" on amazon, there's tons of options to make your stroller more shady. these are de rigeur (sp?) in NYC in the summer. i think we have the Summer brand one.

    we have an umbrella stroller and the jogging stroller. i LOVE the jogger -- so easy to push! but the umbrella is great because it's lightweight so that's what i use on the subway. both will be a LOT cooler and more comfortable than Bumpus on hot and humid days. wait, do you even have those in LA?

    Oh, on the advice of another mom, at maybe 14 months? i started taking Calliope out of the high chair and asking (making) her pick up the food off the floor, because scolding never worked. surprisingly, this worked... eventually!