Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meets 'n greets

Thanks all for your comments on my last post confirming that I am not (that) crazy. My first reaction whenever I feel hurt by someone's actions is to assume I'm overreacting (gee I wonder who taught me that???), so it's good to have confirmation that others would have felt the same way under the circumstances.

I do think one person complained and this became "feedback I've been getting". Maybe it's the New Yorker in me, but I feel like if you're late it's your responsibility to catch up, not everyone else's job to wait for you. Not so long ago I was late to a LACMA meetup with this group (I was coming from another event and told them I'd be late), and despite messaging on the meetup site and texting the organizer, we never connected, so I just wandered around alone. Did I complain? No! Anyway.

I decided to be petty and change my reservation for next Thursday's meetup to a "no". My other, less active meetup group, the single mother one, has a hike at the same time. I'd rather hang with them.

Speaking of single mothers, tomorrow I host my first ever SMC meeting at my house. I think about seven women are coming...but only two wrote back when I sent a reminder email yesterday, so who knows? I would think a group like this will be even trickier because it's so intensely private - I try to remember myself two years ago just starting the trying process, and how clandestine it all was, and how much I felt the need to hide it from most people I knew. I would think if I keep this group going, people will come in and out of it - women will meet someone, they'll get busy with work, they'll have trouble getting pregnant and not want to be around other pregnant women or babies. I expect the group to be fairly fluid. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

In other news, had my interminable tax appointment today, expecting anything - I assumed I'd owe thousands. Guess what? I'm getting a refund for the first time in probably fifteen years! Can I tell you how much the child tax credit rocks? That refund will immediately be put against my sewer line debt. I'm cool like that.


  1. I hope the SMC meeting goes well. You rock for bringing it to fruition. I'd love it if there were something like that here.

  2. Those meetings are very helpful to people. It's cool that you are setting it up. Thinkers and triers need that support and networking. It is hard when people start to get pregnant and you feel left behind, but that's life.

    Hooray for your taxes being good too! I am so grateful for that extra income as it will allow me to scrape by.

    Oh and I agree with you about it being the late person's responsibility to figure stuff out (but would have felt hurt if I was left out when I let people know I would be late). I am glad that you changed your plans. The hike sounds more rewarding.

  3. I totally agree that it's the late persons responsibility to catch up!! & it sounded to me that you put more effort into connecting with later comers than they did for you!

    Yeah for the awesome tax return !!

  4. Oh, it's definitely the late person's responsibility to catch up. I can see waiting 5-10 minutes for latecomers, but that's IT. I'm glad you're "being petty" and going on the hike instead. Life's too short! Glad you're getting a refund - congrats!