Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meeting a fellow SMC blogger

Today Jen of Me, Myself & Twins and I met up! It was kind of like meeting a celebrity - or an old friend, since for heaven's sakes we know pretty much every gritty detail of each other's lives. Her beautiful twins were very good and hardly fussed at all even when Bumpus took their toys away. Yes, now I am the mother of the toddler that crawls over and torments the cute little babies. It had to happen some day!

For some reason when I got home I was completely wiped and was just not up for the huge supermarket trip I needed to make so I can cook for my book club tomorrow. I'm also really trying to stick with this proper lunch for B thing which often means re-organizing my day schedule so we can be home to eat. So these days I do a morning feed, then a real breakfast, real lunch, breassesses for dinner and before bed and no night feeds.

Because I have to go to the supermarket I have very little food left so today I had to get a little creative with the lunch. And boy can this kid eat all of a sudden! He had almost an entire sippy cup of milk, a whole avocado, lots of rice crackers, half a pear, and even many bites of my sweet potato and chick pea curry (!). After the curry went over so well I feel a little encouraged to start feeding him a real dinner. Feeding him off my plate is way easier than making him his own meal! Will I luck out to have a kid who eats everything, despite our rocky start? I doubt it, but hey, you never know.

Spent the day sorting through the birthday presents and writing thank you cards. I think it's safe to say we're set for at least another year! As of his 2nd birthday I think I can start asking for no gifts. I did need the help getting his toy collection started but I think we're good now - he's got enough to keep him busy for a long, long time.

During the stress of his party I thought "oh hell no could I handle two kids." Then once we got home and everything was quiet I thought, "oh, I could handle two kids." And so it goes. In that arena I am obsessively googling protein content of various foods and making up menus and a diet plan for myself in which I can pack on 120g of protein a day even without meat. I may never need to follow this diet - but it's nice to know if I do I can get the right amount by eating peanut butter, eggs, quinoa, Greek yogurt, lentils, beans, nuts, and some soy products (but I'd keep those pretty limited because soy is linked to all kinds of weird hormonal issues, especially in boys). The midwife had said I need to start the liver & kidney support and protein packing now before I'm even pregnant - but that's a little too "real" for me. I don't know if I'm even going to try to do this at all, much less even be successful at it.

One of my biggest fears isn't even the physicality of having another baby - I'm really afraid of breaking little B's heart. I'm afraid he'll feel hurt and rejected if there's a new baby and that we'll lose that "you and me against the world" thing we have going on right now. I asked a friend of mine with two boys how she handled this - and she said she's actually in therapy about it-! That was not encouraging.


  1. B was an excellent toddler - and he didn't torment the babies at all - they do that to each other. :)

    It was great to meet you in real life. I ended up sunburned (didn't think about how long we would be outside even after we talked about that - oops!).

    Glad he had a good lunch. I hope it continues to go that well.

    As for the heart breaking thing. While there are no guarantees about future relationships of siblings, that bond could very well be the thing that makes losing his only-childness okay. My babies are already jealous when I am giving their sibling attention and not them, so I know that part is hard. But I know that they will have each other, even if they don't end up as close as I would like.

  2. You have to keep in mind that while kids are little, the younger sibling tends to think the older siblings is just about the coolest person ever (yes, even cooler than the parent). So, even though you think you are diminishing the amount of love and attention Bumpus would be receiving, it will actually be multiplying because the baby will love him too.

  3. See now, in my head I pictured you taller than Jen!! Glad you had a good meet.

  4. Me too! I always thought you were quite tall. It's cool you got to meet each other.

    A close friend has vowed to use a donor to get pregnant if she isn't in a serious relationship by her next birthday, and she asked if I'd do the same. I told her I felt it wouldn't be fair to my son to have a bio kid at this point, so I get where you're coming from. I would love to adopt a sibling for him though.