Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let them eat cake

I've been pretty much on the go non-stop since before B's party, so it's not surprising that I am WIPED today. So take the bitch fest that is to follow with a grain of salt. I'm just really tired and need some down time at home. Which I will get next week.

So, I've mentioned I kind of hate other people's kids, right? Not my friend's kids or any of you readers' kids. They're all great. Just everyone else's. Today I met with my single mom meet up group. It was an Easter egg hunt that I prepared enormously for - made the mini cupcakes, made little filled eggs with mini toys in, etc. And the organizer did a really good job of setting up a nice table and decorating. But only four women showed - and our kids were such different ages - a little five month old and then 3 and four year olds - that it was kind of a mess. I've realized these mixed-age playgroups are kind of pointless. And extremely stressful for me. B only wanted to go in everyone's purses and eat their IPhones; I had to spend the whole time grabbing things out of his hands and pulling things away from him, which always resulted in minor tantrums. I kept placing him far away from the group and following him as he crawled, again constantly pulling things out of his mouth. It was utterly draining.

One 3 year old girl did not so much like B getting into her stuff - at one point he was sitting on the edge of her little princess tent and she yelled "get off get off get off!!!" and yanked it hard from under him, almost sending him tumbling backwards into a metal drain. Thank goodness I was right there and prevented him from getting really hurt - if he had I would have kicked her bitchy little butt.

I couldn't wait to just get us home where he's content to play nicely in his playpen. I can turn my brain off and not have to be hyper vigilant every second. I just HATE being out of our comfort zone. That's when being a parent is really overwhelming to me. When you have to deal with other people's older kids being mean to your baby, and your baby throwing fits when you pull them away from things, and your baby getting in to everything and eating fistfuls of dirt and leaves...that's when I just can't deal.

Oh, and of course no one but me ate the cupcakes I slaved over all Friday night. What the heck is up with people not eating cake?!?


  1. Ugh. What's wrong with people. I love cake and look for any reason to eat it.

  2. Love that picture!

    And I don't understand the not eating cake. One of my friends was telling me that at almost all the birthday parties, the adults don't eat cake. Sometimes it's not offered to them, or when it is they refuse. So she never eats cake, because she's embarrassed to be the only adult eating it. That makes no sense to me! But then the kids not eating the cake either? That's just crazy.

  3. I hate when big kids are mean to littler kids (and when they are too little too truly understand, their parents should step in and help out). And we moms of non-toddler kiddos need to remember to put our stuff out of reach. :)

    I also don't get the cake thing. I love cake (well at least in certain flavors) and would have enjoyed your adorable cupcakes.

    Speaking of eating, the avocados are getting ripe. Grandma and Ashlynn will surely enjoy them. Thanks again!

  4. So do not get the cake thing! Your cupcakes looked delicious!!!

  5. For what it's worth, I would've eaten the cupcakes. But then again, I've been eating with reckless abandon lately... But they were cute, and it was worth it just for the picture alone!