Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter fun

Today I spent hours making these little Easter mini cupcakes for my single mom meet up egg hunt tomorrow. I went to the dollar store and had fun buying little fill eggs and tiny toys to go in them. I'm starting to have the kind of household where I have boxes of holiday stuff stored up...and I like it.

I went to see former Bed Rest Friend and her little itty bitty baby who is still a week shy of his due date. Apart from still being a little jaundiced he seemed to be doing well. The tiny, delicate little arms and hands...such a far cry from Bumpus, who is a real bruiser! He tore up their living room while I tried to keep one step ahead of him. Now I'm the frazzled mom of the toddler who gets into everything.

When we got home I just had to start the cupcakes and B was being super whiny and cranky so I decided he needed a nap, so I put him in the crib. He screamed for probably a half hour until he tired himself out. It wasn't pleasant, but a) I had way too much to do to coddle him and b) I knew he needed to sleep. Sometimes there's no gentle way to do it - you just don't have the time to hold/feed/rock them (and I doubt any of those things would have helped). He did sleep - but only for about 45 minutes. This nap thing is very challenging. I hope it gets easier.

Last night he screamed a while when I put him to bed at 8 pm, without me...then woke up at 5 am and went back to sleep after an extended belly rubbing from me. Tonight I should have put him to bed about an hour ago to be consistent...but his nap was so late I doubt he'd go down without a huge effort, and I'm so tired I might just take him to bed with me (in his crib of course) in an hour anyway. I wanted to get in the habit of him going to bed a couple of hours before me but I just don't know if I have it in me tonight. I'm just wiped.

The good news is so far so good on the shots. He did not, as I've heard so many stories, disappear into himself within hours of getting the MMR. Even today they released yet another study debunking the MMR/autism link. No fever, no reactions. He's still Mr. Bumpus. Thank God.


  1. Cute cupcakes! I'm starting to look at holiday stuff in the stores and looking forward to the day I can celebrate these things with my child. Except for some people who are REALLY into certain holidays, I think most of us have a lull between childhood and parenthood when it comes to seasonal excitement.

  2. The cupcakes are so cute! I hope you all have fun at the meetup.

    I'm so used to thinking of Bumpus as a baby, hard to start thinking of him as a toddler. LOL I hope the sleep issues get better for all of us soon.

  3. Cute, cute, cute cupcakes!

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    email: firemom at stopdropandblog dot com

  4. I've noticed that because Isaac sleeps through the night, he tends to take shorter naps than his peers that don't sleep through the night. I think it is a balance thing, and as long as they are getting the recommended amount of sleep total, I don't think it matters if it is at night or during the day. Then again, every kid is different too.

    The cupcakes are very cute, hope you guys have a fun time!

  5. How cute! Have fun at the meet up.

  6. I'm in awe of your cooking and baking ability, mostly because I have NONE. I'm starting to wonder what I'm going to feed Jordyn when she's able to really eat real food. Hope the meetup goes/went well! And good luck with the sleep stuff - it really does suck.