Thursday, March 28, 2013

12 months...and a few days

It's the final month sticker shot - sniff! Luckily I have a twelve month photo frame to commemorate all the month sticker photos. It's been a fun project - although as of about six months it's been almost impossible to get B to lie down and not rip the sticker off and shove it in his mouth. Next time I might just do all sitting up shots.

What did you just say? What "next time"? Yes, I'm trying to wrap my head around the possibility of two children in subtle ways throughout the day. After so many months of "never again" it's hard to start thinking about "again". Especially when I gave all my newborn stuff away...especially when I looked at every baby milestone as the last I'll ever experience. And yet all of this may still be true! I know already I have no intention of doing advanced methods to conceive another child - I can't afford it and I can't take the risk of multiples. It kind of has to be easy or I quit. I'd do Femara again...but that's kind of it. Of course, I say that now.

Last night I knocked myself out hosting a book club at my house, which is basically a dinner party. Naturally at the beginning of the day there were eight people coming so I spent $150 on food and spent all day cooking...only to have three people cancel at the last second. So of course there was way too much food which has now completely overloaded my refrigerator making it impossible to do the most basic tasks. I'm going to have to freeze a lot of it. I made a kale salad, sweet potato and chick pea curry with jasmine rice, and my favorite upside down blackberry cake with cinnamon whipped cream. Also spearmint sun tea. It was A LOT of work, but I just love entertaining. Everyone seemed to enjoy it which was very gratifying.

Today we had B's one year appointment - and six miserable shots. I swallowed my fears and went ahead with the MMR. I was contemplating delaying until 18 months...but I figured if it has any ill effects they'll happen then just as much as they would now. And B is exceptionally strong and healthy, other than his crazy mole experience, nary an illness other than mild colds in his year on earth. So...I just went ahead with it...despite the news of the recent Italian court case rewarding a family for damages related to a child's severe autism they deemed caused by the MMR (this gave me shivers). I'm going to watch him like a hawk the next few days. He's napping contentedly now (in the car). Our night wasn't great but not terrible - difficulty getting down and then a 40 minute scream fest around 5 AM. We'll see what tonight brings.


  1. I think you should do a post that has all 12 photos in a row. It would be fun to see how much he changed each month all at one time.

  2. I second Ali's suggestion! :)

    It might make you feel better to know that the initial study that was published in the British Medical Journal years ago, the one that made the case for a link between MMR and autism, was recently debunked. The guy who did the studied falsified his data; the real data showed no association.

    I hate shot days though.

    1. Hey Shannon - it makes me feel better to know that Lancet article has been debunked over and over for sure...but of course a week ago someone on FBI had to post this article about the Italian court case and it got me all freaked out. Darned Facebook!

  3. I'd love to see the 12 photos too!!

    I was really worried about all the vaccinations too until I am episode of Penn & Tellers Bullshit of all things!

  4. I'd love to see the 12 months of photos! What a great idea! I so wish I'd done monthly photos. :( And don't worry about the vaccines - they're harmless. Really.