Sunday, February 3, 2013

This is my toy

I did a takeoff of The Rifleman's Creed on Facebook with this photo attached (this is my toy, there is no other toy like it), but nobody got the reference. Has nobody seen Full Metal Jacket???

Anyway, had a harrowing day yesterday watching B like a hawk to make sure he didn't pick at his mole. I didn't even feel comfortable showering so I just put us both in the bath instead. I was terrified to go to sleep and wake up to a screaming, blood-covered baby again; I had major anxiety about it and took forever to fall asleep. However, knock wood, we made it through the night, he has a clean bandage, and I feel more confident that we'll make it until his appointment, whenever that ends up being.

And with my absolute deadline for finishing the attic coming up (cleaning lady in Tues, then my sister in Thurs), the contractor spent the day here working yesterday, although at one point it was quiet for a long time and I wasn't sure if he left, so I poked my head up there and found him asleep on the floor. Really looking forward to this being done but there's still a ton of work to do - cabinet doors, drawers in the bed frame, a vent for the ac/heat, shelves hung, door for the floor hole, carpet in, plus fixing all the mess they've made around here. There is no way they're going to get that all done in one day tomorrow. I'm a little annoyed this ran SO late, although I know being derailed by the sewer issues didn't help. The place is looking good, though. I get so excited when I look at the toys B hasn't been able to play with yet because there isn't any open floor space for him - blocks, building stuff - he's really going to blossom with all that freedom. It's going to be great.

The best news, though, is my event is kicking ass. Registrations still pouring in even though the early price break already passed, which surprised me. Now I may not see a registration for months after this early push, but it kind of doesn't matter - I have enough money now to comfortably make it until May, and that's assuming not one person signs up between now and May, which is impossible. So my gamble to try this new pricing structure paid off big time, as well as moving the date. Traditionally early big numbers mean late big numbers. When my opening night is "meh", that's not a good sign. But I've never had a great opening night and a lousy event. So I'm thrilled, to say the least. I feel like I can breathe again.

Now to get to the bottom of this whole mole thing...


  1. Asleep? Really? Crazy!

    So happy for you for the good opening registration!! Yeah!

  2. Good thing they're not paid by the hour!

    Is his mole suddenly a lot bigger, or does it just look that way because it was bleeding? Either way, my friend's daughter had one on her upper lip for years and they gave her meds to shrink it.

  3. Congrats on the event opening going so well! That must really feel great.

    And I can't believe the contractor was asleep... Did you wake him up?? What did you do?

    1. He started to wake up so I tiptoed back down the ladder. So awkward!