Monday, February 18, 2013

On the mend

Maybe it's the lovely hike I went out and did today or the plate of chocolate dipped strawberries I made myself when I got home, but I'm feeling better about things. I missed my one chance to have a fun night out dancing this month Saturday night - but apparently the turnout was thin because everyone else is sick, too. I'm not going to be able to record my album with the band at all this weekend; despite carefully planning this album unlike our last three so that I could actually sing with the band backing me, apparently once again we'll have to overdub me. Blah. Oh well, what can you do?

I think I'm so chipper because a) I have money in the bank and b) I have high hopes for this year's event. I spoke to my flier designer this year who is also a dance instructor who just got back from Germany and said he met a lot of people there who are planning on coming - including a bunch of Russians. I've also been talking to a Lithuanian who wants to DJ and may set up an after hours band for me. Apparently he wanted to hit me up for work but was intimidated because my event is "the granddaddy of all dance events". So, that made me feel pretty good. I may be getting ahead of myself but I do feel things might be turning around for me in the work department; and not that they even really needed turning around.

Feeling confident about my financial future makes me want to do things like plant a cutting garden (will check out the nursery who did my front yard, tomorrow, maybe plant some bulbs), trade in my car for a better model (won't do but it sure is tempting), and shop at Anthropologie and not off the sale rack (also won't do since I just bought two breastfeeding-friendly dresses at Target). I also have signed up to take B on his first Disneyland outing next Sunday as part of something called "Dapper Days", in which people get dressed up fancy and/or vintage and attend various iconic SoCal locations. I've been dying to do a baby-friendly daytime vintage event with B so I'm super excited about it (even if the day turns out to be kind of stressful which it might).

In other news, Bed Rest Friend is holding steady in the hospital, and Mom Guru welcomed baby #3 at home in a record 55 minutes with a birthing tub! Amazing. I haven't spoken to her yet but I hope she finally got the peaceful home birth she always dreamed of.

Bumpus is just barely starting to wave (I really should have been practicing this ages ago but it honestly didn't cross my mind) and is starting to interact a lot more; last night we had a prolonged game of "put the pacifier in mommy's mouth", and it was a riot watching his serious little face and listening to his excited breathing as he figured out that mommy can use the pacifier, too. He is inches away from tipping over his jumper, tipping over the GoPod, and crawling over the top of his ancient Port-A-Crib. Last night I had to grab his diaper by the crotch before he took a header off the end of the bed. Lord help me.


  1. Love the picture. He is big, but still needs mommy cuddles. :)

  2. Great to hear your event is doing so well!!