Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nothing comes easy

Yesterday I went to visit Bed Rest Friend (formerly My Former Nemesis). She is now 33 weeks and was looking forward to being released from bed rest in three weeks. I say "was". About five minutes into our visit...her water broke. At first she thought she peed herself, and I said, "are you sure that's pee?" She then made a series of phonecalls, her hands shaking. I felt so bad for her. I remember so well those last weeks of my pregnancy, just praying every day the baby wouldn't come early, every week checking off the fewer complications he'd have if he were born that week as opposed to the week before.

So I clipped Bumpus into his car seat and rushed her to the hospital, which unfortunately was all the way on the other side of town, at rush hour on a Friday. We've been in touch via text since. She had a rough night, full of tubes and magnesium sulfate and drugs to stop the contractions. I'm not sure what happens now - I would imagine she'll have the baby soon, being as her water broke and she's in danger of infection. The poor girl! Her body just has not taken to this whole process at all - from having to do IVF to conceive, to incompetent cervix, to now pre-term labor. What an ordeal. But at the end of the day (maybe the end of today!) she will have a healthy baby, thanks to the miracle of modern science.

In other news, I am officially sick. I feel like I have a bowling ball for a head and haven't been able to breathe through my nose for 24 hours. And guess what? I'm supposed to record an album today. And then go dancing tonight (I know, I haven't entirely given up the dream of dancing). Fortunately we have a second day of recording on Monday, because I doubt I can hang today. I made a reservation at the Baby Kennel for dancing tonight which I will cancel unless I suddenly rally. I hate that I have to pass on everything I have to do today - and it's a gorgeous 80+ degree day today, too, which I will probably miss. And as many of you know, caring for a rambunctious baby when you're sick and he's sick and you're both sleep deprived, sucks. Still, nothing compared to what my friend is going through right now, however. Whew.


  1. Hoping everything goes well with your friend & her baby. & hope you feel better soon

  2. Your poor friend - it's lucky you were there with her when it happened. I hope she and the baby are both ok! And I hope you're feeling better soon, too!

  3. Hope you guys feel better soon!