Sunday, February 24, 2013

Disneyfail trip to Disneyland, my first since probably 1998, lasted all of fifteen minutes.

I had gone as part of a group of Babywearers who were also participating in Dapper Day, an informal group that dress snazzy at various locations. I heard about this from a FB invite, and seeing that some friends of mine were going, I thought it would be a chance to hang with them, dress up, get some great pictures, and experience Disneyland with kids for the first time.

The only problem is...nobody showed up. I hustled my butt down there to be at the meeting spot at 11 AM as requested on the invite - and believe you me, getting yourself and a baby dressed up, hair and makeup done for me, plus elaborate packing so we both had jackets/food/change of shoes etc available, and getting us down to Orange County and through the whole Disney parking and tram ride thing is no easy feat (and why the F does Disneyland make you completely dismantle your stroller to get on the tram to get to the park? Can you imagine if I'd brought my giant vintage pram???). But nobody was there. I texted the organizer and she said she'd be there at 1, "after practice". Um...what? Then why did you arrange a meeting time and place for 11AM? I could have used an extra couple of hours of sleep.

So anyway once it was clear nobody was coming, I decided to stroll around. But it was very unpleasant. There was a stiff cold wind, so I was immediately frozen solid, and had to keep one hand on my head at all times to keep the 1940's hat from blowing off my head. It was of course packed, so maneuvering around was very difficult, and I hate crowds. Then I realized I wouldn't be able to do much of anything - with no one to watch the stroller and giant bag of crap I'd brought, I wouldn't even be able to take B on the most basic rides. And of course there were lines for everything. I thought about getting something to eat, but there were lines around the block for all the restaurants. Then I thought, how much do I want to torture myself to make it feel like I got my $100 worth? I asked myself what I really, truly wanted to do. And I realized I wanted to go home and be warm and comfortable. So I left.

I'm actually glad this happened today, because it reminded me of something I forgot, which is I kind of hate Disneyland. I know it'll be different when B is old enough to enjoy it. But I doubt I'll make it part of my regular rotation like many of my friends do. Special occasions, sure. But no annual passes for us. I think I'll save that money to replace the rotten boards of my porch. I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot more enjoyment out of that porch than I ever will Disneyland.

I snapped these pics on the tram heading home. So, at least I got a couple of pics of us looking dapper.


  1. you guys look awesome! i love his sweater vest, especially.

  2. You both look lovely! B is going to be such a little heartbreaker!

  3. How inconsiderate that people would do that and too bad that there wasn't much to salvage. But you did both look quite smashing!

  4. I would be so pissed at that organizer! You guys look great tho!!

  5. I would be SO pissed! Are you 100% sure they didn't just meet somewhere else? One thing I love about my mom/baby Meetup group is that they kick people out for being no-shows.

    1. I saw on Facebook that some who RSVP'd just didn't show; others got there hours later and just wandered around. I guess I expected it to be a lot more formal than it actually was. Won't be joining them again anytime soon, though.