Friday, January 25, 2013


This blog title comes from the Latin radio station the guys are playing up in the attic while they work. They are putting in the cabinets today; finally the room will take shape! But as expected the work will drag well into next week. So this whole process is taking twice as long as anticipated. Sigh.

Also as anticipated the plumbers want an additional $6500 on top of the $5500 they already charged me (and the $4000 I already paid for the piping under my house) to "sleeve" the piping in the street. I almost shouted "NO!!!" at them. But they kept pulling this "we really need to do this now while we have access" line; apparently despite the $10,000 I've now sunk into this, it could still start backing up again any time, so all of this is pretty much for nothing. They got me to agree to a hydro jet and chemical root killer treatment for an additional $1000 that has a five year warranty. So at least I won't have any surprises for five years. But man oh man, what an absolute nightmare and SO unfair. And please trust me when I say I know what I'm talking about - when I posted this on Facebook I had tons of fellow homeowners tell me their tale of woe - yes, you're responsible for your entire sewer line to the city line. No, the city will not remove trees that cause the damage even when they're on the sidewalk. It's a total scam and ripoff and it's criminal. And yet I just have to suck it up and take it and put myself in debt for years to pay for it (and now I find out I'm not even done). Great, huh?

Well, if one good thing has come out of this it is that I feel I can use this as a good excuse to get off of the Hall of Fame board. I'm going to call the VP and tell her I cannot handle the added stress, nor the babysitting fees for meetings now that I have this huge debt to pay. Which is kind of true. Mostly the stress part.

My event opens in a week. God, I hope I don't get a lousy ten people signing up opening night like usual otherwise I'm in serious trouble! I moved the opening time earlier to make it easier for people and gave a nice discount so hopefully this will get people motivated. Come on, people. Mama needs a new sewer line!

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  1. Ugh ugh ugh! I really feel for you & this obscene debt you're having to go into! It's one of my biggest fears! At least you'll get out of the HofF thing