Monday, January 28, 2013

Sittin' in the car, baby sleeping

I'm doing my usual daytime activity, which is sitting in the parked car while the baby rounds out his nap. I don't like that one of the only ways B can nap is by being in the car (a far cry from those early says when he screamed his head off every time we got in the car). I've noticed he will also nap if I put him somewhere and leave the room for a while - like in the playpen and I go to wash the dishes, etc. I often wonder if I'm not doing us both a disservice by not having a set nap time in the crib...and that's not to say I can't get that going at some point. But I do have a fear of having a baby that rigidly must be in his crib for a nap at an exact time otherwise he can't sleep - right now it just works better for us that he can be flexible. I expect this, and everything, to change at any moment, however. As goes parenthood.

The Poo Marathon seems to be coming to an end at last. I do think it must be teething related, based on anecdotal evidence. It seems odd that teething would cause diarrhea and endless pooping, but hey, what do I know? I haven't fed him anything but breastmilk the past couple of days, partially on accident but also partially because I was tired of scooping it out of his diapers five minutes later...and ten minutes later...and fifteen minutes later...etc. I keep meaning to make his food - I bought all the ingredients - and I keep not doing it. I don't mind admitting I'm a little shiftless and depressed. Today I couldn't get either of us out of bed until about noon. Just facing another day of workmen tramping around the house getting everything filthy, no privacy, no safe or comfortable way to use the one toilet or take a shower...and knowing I have days of this still...well, it's not terribly motivating.

I have enough emails now (about seven) that yesterday I sent out a feeler email to the women who have contacted me through SMC to see if they want to start some Thinker/Tryer meetings - many of them aren't interested in the Pasadena group because it's all women with older children (I don't think I'll be dropping by again for just this reason). I still feel very close to the thinking/trying times and like to talk about those particular issues, so hopefully I can get a little meeting going. If it looks successful I may form a meetup group and/or put it on Craigslist from time to time. I know there are tons of women considering this route that really need someone to talk to who's been in the trenches. Hopefully I can be that person!


  1. I know I would have liked to talk to a new SMC mom when I was thinking, trying

  2. If you can get the thinking/TTC group going, it would be a great service to others. You'd be fantastic!

    I think this is the time of year a lot of people get "stuck" for a variety of reasons. Mainly, I think it is because of the projects people undertake a lot of the time. For me, early spring is the most relaxing time of year. When I was in school, things were winding down. There's generally no major work projects, and I can look forward to planning fun things in the summer. I tend to perk up from the winter blahs around then too. Hang in there hon :).

  3. About teething a poop, they say all the extra drool that gets swallowed loosens the stools. Also, the rotavirus vaccine can cause up to 2 weeks of green blowouts. Either way, glad to hear its coming to an end.

  4. I think it's awesome that you're creating/facilitating a thinker/tryer meeting/group. That is an awesome service to those women (like me) in that posisiton to get to hang out and ask questions from someone who has recently been through it all. Great Job!
    Sorry about this job dragging on and not being able to shower, let alone pee when you want to without wondering! Of course it will be worth it--love checking out the pics btw :)

  5. Jordyn doesn't have a set nap schedule, either. And she usually has to fall asleep in my arms (still, even though we're working on falling to sleep in her crib at night). She also sleeps best in the car or when we're just out and about. I've heard the poop thing is from teething from all the saliva (as cmgr said above), but it does seem strange. I don't get a rash being caused by teething, either. Hope all the craziness in your house is over soon! It'll all be worth it!